February 11, 2007

Cincinnati Business Incubator

Great news! I learned today that the city manager signed off on our $100,000 grant proposal to provide incubation services in Cincinnati, OH for CY-2007. This is a critical part of the fundraising efforts that we are currently engaged in for our non-profit incubator. It isn't of global importance ... but, dayum ... it is a good feeling to know that our non-profit incubator is moving in the right direction!

One of my goals for this year is to find 20 corporations to match the $100k grant from the City government. I'll keep you apprised of how that effort goes over the coming weeks and months. Suffice to say that today was a good CBI day!


Bradley said...

It's pretty cool I got to check out this site. Im originally from Cincinnati, what kind of non-profit are you trying to put together?

Villager said...

Hotep Bradley ... hopefully, you can continue to share good thoughts about your hometown. Anyhow, my non-profit is a small business incubator (see: http://www.cbincubator.org/). We've been around for awhile ... just hustlin' to get all the funding necessary to do our good works in the area of job creation, economic development and economic inclusion.