February 24, 2007

N-Word Makes Comeback with StepNAS-Fetchit and Rudy

UPDATE: Joke is on Nas ... New York threatens to pull $84 million in funding because of his N-Word album.

UPDATE: Mo'Kelly shares his thoughts on Nas. He thinks Nas is a comedian...

I thought that the NAACP buried the N-word at their convention earlier this year? Apparently, the memo didn't get to Rudy Giuliani or Nas.

Admittedly, I wouldn't know Nas if he walked into my living room right now. I've placed a photo of the young man with this post. My grandmother would say that he is a handsome young man ... until she heard him speak ... then she would note that he didn't have any home training. Nas appears to be the 21st century coon. He is this generation's Stepin Fetchit. StepNAS-Fetchit should be the self-title for his new album. I wonder if he even knows how much of a fool he will be if he allows music industry executives to use the N-word as the name of his album?

On the other hand, Rudy is old enough to know better. Since he knows better and continues to trample on the dignity and respect of African Americans ... the logical conclusion is that he simply doesn't care. Rudy never had much love for Black people when he was mayor of New York.

He isn't showing much love for people of African descent as a presidential candidate. You may recall that Rudy selected a co-chair in South Carolina who feels comfortable enough to denigrate the NAACP (...calling them the 'National Association of Retarded People' in public speech..) and Black folks in general on multiple occassions. The South Carolina co-chair is 80-years old. I tend to give old white guys a break for being prejudiced. Rudy should know better ... he says he wants to president all the people, however, it continues to seem that he isn't as interested in representing Black people in America.

This week we learn that Rudy's Minnesota co-chair, Rick Stanek, had been fired from a public position a few years ago because of his frequent use of the N-word in the workplace and elsewhere. Do you sense a pattern here with Rudy's close cronies in this presidential election? I think that Rudy doesn't have much love for Black folks.

Too Sense pointed out that this could simply be the southern strategy for Rudy. They don't like his social policies on 'family value' issues in those red states ... but, they sho' nuff got themselves a dyed in the wool good ol' boy in Rudy. That might be enough to get him the Republican nomination for president.

Anyhow, I understand why Rudy didn't show up in Baltimore or Detroit earlier this year for the presidential debates on African American issues. He can't stand the heat of questions about his racist cronies.

Rudy and StepNAS-Fetchit are both fools in my opinion. What say u?


Martin Lindsey. said...

Alrighty, you're hitting on the political veign. Great segue for me. Ignorance hits us from all angles like I've said before.

Anyway, here's that post that I told you about the other day. I published it this morning. Please share with your readers, ask them to comment on it and write about it yourself in a post if you like.

Here's the link. Thanks.....Martin


Shockedbythispost said...

Nas is far from a coon. Not sure if you've heard, but Nas responded to the pre-emptive attacks on his album. Being very political, he alluded to the fact that he may have political reasons for naming the album "N*gga". He stated how ignorant it is for people to jump the gun before they know the truth. He's upset at the prejudgment, when no one really knows for sure what his motivations are, or if he was even really going in that direction with it in the first place. Other artists have used it in a political sense without catching flack. One example is James Spooner's movie Afropunk: The Rock and Roll Nigger Experience. Be careful casting stones before you're sure your targeting an enemy within the community. No cent///aka fifty cent///may be an idiot who criticizes people who read because he believes reading is corny, but Nas is a well-read man who has sought to create political change with the body of his work. He's gotten alot of undeserved flack from O'reilly's racist behind and he doesn't need it from his own people. We have to stop doing this to each other at the drop of a hat. We really do. Its part of the game and the way its all set up. Crabs in the barrel. The "good ones" vs the "bad ones". We have the power to stop it. So we should stop it. Nas is far from being a flash in the pan. Hes provided real HipHop with real artistic value. Hes been around for a truly long time and isn't one of these little thugs running around thinking being a man means being a thug. Please research.

Seven said...

"You may recall that Rudy selected a co-chair in South Carolina who feels comfortable enough to denigrate the NAACP (...calling them the 'National Association of Retarded People' in public speech..)"

He's ignorant and his twisted play on the words behind the NAACP acronym fails to be clever. There is no "r" in the NAACP. He can just hang it up.

Villager said...

Shockedbythispost - Thank you for sharing your village voice. I did see that Nas has a great legacy within his family for jazz and music. That is the reason that I'm very disappointed that he even considers it a viable strategy to put the N-word on the album cover. It makes no sense. I do appreciate your insights.

peace, Villager

Villager said...

Seven - Amen!

Eddie G. Griffin said...

NAS got upstaged by Mos Def, who said the album would not come out with that name, nor on the date announced by NAS. Wal-Mart had already refused to stock it. Maybe pretty boy will come down to earth and realize that he does not rule the world after all. The same goes for other hip hop artists.

Villager said...

Martin - I followed your lead and shared information with our villagers about your Obama vs Civil Rights leadership post.

Eddie - Thanks for the update. I'm not surprised that Wal-Mart won't carry it.

aka Lynn said...

The fact that several people are refusing the carry Nas's Cd really makes me laugh; a slap in the face for all his stupidity. It's time for these rappers to grow up. Everytime we attempt to stand up for what is right, one of these ignorant fools come along and challenge it, but it appears to be backfiring!

Villager said...

Lynn - I think that Gina from What About Our Daughters blog may be right. The answer is simple. 'Stop Funding The Nonsense'! Rappers that insist on denigrating our people with the gratuitous use of the N-Word need to learn that there is a price to pay...