February 14, 2007

Cincinnati Blogs

I was leaving a Cincinnati pub today after an interesting business meeting when I saw a local publication called CiN Weekly. Blaring headling on the cover of the paper said, 'Blog On!' with a feature article entitled: 'A Few Good Blogs: Online Reading That's Worth Your Time'. Of course, I picked up a copy of the magazine and checked it out.

The feature article is on six unique local-area blogs. I encourage you to read the full article for details on all six. The three that found a kindred spirit in the Village were:
  1. Radio Free Newport: Sociologist, musician and blogging veteran Dave Purcell has spent four years writing about the impact of race and class on the country and Greater Cincinnati.
  2. Rockin' Hejabi: Nur Jemal, mother of three, posts about what life is like as a music-loving Muslim mom living in Florence. Truth to tell, Nur has a second blog called Heartland Hejabi that I liked even more.
  3. The Nati: If you think there's not much to do or nothing good happening in Greater Cincinnati, Joe Hansbauer will tell you otherwise.
It turns out that there are over 500 Cincinnati blogs currently in cyberspace. Much love to the six that were featured in Cin Weekly. I imagine that each of us looks to get our 15 minutes of fame here in the blogosphere. I noticed one common denominator for each of the featured blogs was longevity. Each has been working their blog for years. I started this one about two months ago ... so I have a long way to go.

In any case, I'm wondering if you have a comment on which Cincinnati area blog you think should be featured as one of the best next time?


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey, that would be a good article for us to run up here in our local paper about which Akron blogs are the best.

You ever been up in these parts of the Ohio Valley?

Villager said...

Paula --> first and foremost, thank you for your support of da Village in these first few weeks of existence. Hopefully, we will justify your support with quality information and such.

I have business in Cleveland on occassion. I think that I've been in Akron only once in my life to date.

Rockin' Hejabi said...

Thanks for the publicity, Villager:)

I love the blog Spacetropic, and I'm disappointed it didn't get featured in the Blog On! article.

Villager said...

I visited SpaceTropic blog today. It is very well-written with a very smooth design. I enjoyed reading it. I'll need to go back in order to catch up on the older posts. Thank you for the referral!

Martin Lindsey. said...

Hey Villager. Got your comment on MyBlogLog about the 30,000 voices project. Thanks for hitting me up. I don't know. We'll see. Glad the finance posts have been helpful to you.

Everybody's doing Ohio Valley shout outs so let me give one to Louisville metro on the lower end of the valley. I used to hit I-71 to go to you guys' theme park in Cincy - can't remember the name of it - when I lived in the Ville in the 90's. Had a blast with my free GE tickets each year.

What is the current state of race relations between Blacks and the police force in Cincinatti these days? I remember it being really bad and your city was always in our news with major shootings involving the police force in the poorer parts of your town.

I thought it could get bad between those two parties in my home town of St. Louis but your town tripped me out.

Oh and a request. Can you add a headshot and your real name to your blog? Paula has me on the "real person" kick so I'll blame her...LOL

Villager said...

King's Island is the amusement park off of I-71 north of the Cincinnati city limits. It is a great park ... especially for youngsters.

I'm glad that you were able to find out about the 30,000 blogger initiative. Hopefully, you can share the word with those bloggers that visit with you as well.

Cincinnati is still struggling with racial issues. None of them are internationally known as back in April 2001. However, we haven't solved much of the underlying problems of jobs, education or crime. The relationship between the citizens and the police department is better than in April 2001, but it is far from being a 'best practice'.

I imagine that I'll need to post on that subject next month on the anniversary of the uprising.

peace, Villager