May 24, 2007

More Website Traffic with

I run a small business incubator in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), in addition to serving as one of the elders of the Electronic Village blog. As such, I am always looking for recommendations to share with my clients that can help propel them into higher and higher profits. I invite my incubator clients and those of you here in the village to check out a website optimization firm called

Unfortunately, few of my small business clients operate a blog. I think that blogs can be a powerful component of our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Blog Marketing is all about visibility -- making the right people aware of the right product at the right time. Marketing is about customers and getting our message to them. Blog marketing can increase exposure, generate buzz, and create a global message to which individual customers can respond. The effect is powerful viral marketing with blogs linking to other blogs. The real value is things that you don't expect. Blogs create more opportunities, and more challenges.

What industries does Blog Marketing work on? Really any market where Internet marketing strategies are important. The major ones are E-commerce, Finance, Mortgage Lending, and Real Estate internet marketing. Blog marketing works across all markets. has developed a unique blog marketing and inbound linking strategy that helps customers in terms of branding and search engine rankings. Bottomline? This company can drive more website traffic to your company.

How does a blog work for SEO? A blog has regularly updated content that is keyword rich. These regular posts are broadcast to the Blogosphere via RSS as soon as you post. Quality blogs attract a large number of incoming links to your website content. I have only been blogging since January 13, 2007. By no means am I an expert. It is clear to me that companies willing to work with small business owners can truly help level the playing field when it comes to our marketing efforts on the Internet or in the Blogosphere.

I would be interested in hearing from villagers that are finding ways to incorporate their blogging efforts into the growth of their business. Do you see blogging as purely recreational? Or do you think it is something that can create or increase profits for you?


Bronzetrinity said...

I really like the way you have a Village hero on your blog. Maybe if the Afrospear gets a Black role model blog started we can somehow get html codes to show those village heroes on our blogs. Then we can all learn about them and promote them. I have never seen the astronaught before and it made me feel happy. Thanks for the inspiration Villager :)

Villager said...

Bronze Trinity - I appreciate the kind words. The idea was inspired by what I've seen on the 'field negro' blog. I guess the good thing is that a Black astronaut is no longer unusual and therefore no longer front-page news when it happens.

Take care, Villager

James said...

My man, blogging is a hobby for me but in time it will lead to indirect income. As the software improves, blogging will take off. The potential is great. I have a lot of business plans, dreams, hopes and blogging will play a role in all

Martin Lindsey. said...

Hey Villager, I wanted to run a collaborative idea by you directly. I didn't see a contact e-mail address on your blog so please e-mail me at and I'll reply back with more detail to whatever e-mail address you use. If you could get back to me this evening that would be great.

And bronzetrinity, I like the "Afrospear" phrase. Has a cool ring to it. In fact that could catch on and become a historically signifcant phrase in blogosphere history. What do you think Villager?

kweenkong said...

I'll definitely check this out. Thanks for the heads up!


Villager said...

James - I blog as a hobby, however, I would like to turn it into a revenue stream as well. In fact, this particular post comes from a unique concept over at Check it out if you have time or inclination.

Martin - is my email address. I'll reach out to you. I agree that AfroSpear has potential to be memorable over the coming weeks and months.

KweenKong - No worries!