May 8, 2007

Afrosphere is Growing

It is an exciting time for Black bloggers. The Young Black Professional Guide implemented a new project,, to increase the networking and exposure of blogs that feature content related to Black culture. The concept of is very simple. It is a neat little web application that acts as a headline feed reader for a variety of blogs surrounding the African American experience. The stated goal of the project is to gain visibility for these blogs and empower readers to enjoy our network of opinions.
Another evolutionary effort is the growth of The AfroSpear nation. This is a group of bloggers of African descent who strive to develop and promote issues that impact on the lives of our people. An AfroSpear online community came into existence this week. There are a number of concurrent initiatives in this project and I'm sure that you will learn more about this effort in the coming weeks. You can find a list of AfroSpear blogs over in the left-hand navigation bar of the Electronic Village. I encourage you to check out some of the outstanding blogs that make up the AfroSphere nation!

Finally, for those African American professionals that are visiting our village today ... you are encouraged to become part of the LinkedIn Network. My guide to the LinkedIn Network is Vincent Wright. He is the founder of the LinkedInAfricanAmericans online community. I strongly encourage any villager that operates in Corporate America or owns his/her own business to create a profile on the LinkedIn Network. Check out my LinkedIn profile if you have time or inclination.

Please let us know if you are aware of other initiatives that support the growth & development of the Black blog experience. Also, I would love to hear comments from any of you that are currently part of the, AfroSpear or LinkedIn Network!


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