May 2, 2007

LeBron Rises; Kobe Falls

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As such, I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. I was a fan back in the days of Gail Goodrich, Mel Counts, Happy Hairston, Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West.

I lived in Detroit for eight years ... during the era when the Detroit Pistons were known as the 'Bad Boys'. Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Bill Lambier and John Salley.

My best time as an NBA fan always occurred when Detroit beat the Bulls (Michael Jordan) or the Lakers beat the Celtics (Larry Bird). Lakers vs. Pistons in the NBA championship series was basketball heaven in my household.

I share that background so that you will understand that this week is turning out to be basketball hell in my household.

First, the face of the Lakers ... Kobe Bryant ... doesn't fade away into the off-season to quietly plan, plot and prepare for next year. Rather he sits down with every newspaper reporter or sports radio talk-show host to whine and cry about his current situation. Kobe is paid $17.7 million per year. He has a beautiful wife; children; living large in Los Angeles. He is the 2-time NBA scoring champion. And he is whining and crying to every news outlet that sticks a microphone in front of his face. Kobe makes it rough to be a Lakers' fan.

Second, the Detroit Pistons lose three games in a row to the Cleveland Cavs. As I type this post, the Pistons are now one game away from elimination in the playoffs. More notably, the Pistons have provided a stage for the unleashing of the brilliance of LeBron James. LeBron is a 22-year old basketball player for the Cavs. I just watched LeBron score the final 25 points of the game in a double-overtime win over the Pistons. 25 points in a row. And his team wins by two.

Methinks that this was the greatest single-game performance that I've ever seen in sports.

This was a rough week for the Villager. Both of my favorite teams --> Lakers and Pistons <-- both having a tough time. Of course, being a fan is rough for anyone. But, we always have hope. My hope is that the Pistons can win the next two games and advance to the NBA Finals. We'll know one way or another in the next week.

Final note to Kobe --> Stop whining and find a way to win games. Personally, I think that the supporting cast that Kobe with the Lakers is better than the supporting cast LeBron has in Cleveland. LeBron is finding ways to win games. Kobe is whining on the radio.

Any other sports fans in the village? Anyone else want to share stories about their favorite NBA team? Anyone else amazed by the evolution of LeBron James?


AH said...

thanks for the warm welcome to afrospear!

Omodudu said...

I am not a fan, but you sure know how to play the field here. Thanks for stopping by. I'd be back. Promptly added to my reader.

Villager said...

AH - No worries. I look forward to reading your blog more in the future now that you are part of the AfroSpear!

Omodudu - I don't post that much on sports. This was my first post on b-ball. I imagine that the major sport in your part of the world is soccer. Is that right?

peace, Villager

Rob Bunting said...

Great points about Kobe & the Lakers. I was a Lakers and NBA fan back in the "Showtime" days of the 80s but don't follow the league as much anymore, primarily because I'm sick of whining prima donnas like Kobe Bryant. Kudos to LeBron for one of the all-time examples of stepping up at a key time for his team. Peace.

James said...

This was along with Magic jumping center vs the 76ers, the greatest mondern day playoff basketball performance.Unlike Magic, Lebron has little back,
My greatest sports performance is Reggie Jackson, game 6 1977 world series vs your Dodgers, 3 piches,3 swings, 3 homeruns, 1 world championship.
Ali's unprobable knockouts of Liston and Forman also deserve mention.
Le Bron proved this week, most sport writers are useless.

Ray Johnson said...

What is amazing is that people forget this man is only 22 years old. They continually compare him to MJ whose body of work speaks for itself. They continually compare him to Kobe "Flip Flop" Bryant who was teamed up at one point arguablly the most dominate player in the game. This is why I love blogs because the media is always attacking and being negative towards players and blogs show you the real deal.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Thanks be to GOD for the Cavs winning last night.

Everybody here in Akron is SO excited. The sun was shining today and you could feel the weight lifted off LeBron's shoulders for not taking that shot the other night.

I thought LeBron was crying when he put his head in his teammate's arm.

I'm so happy for him.

He's so young and people put so much pressure on him but he is AMAZING in spite of his upbringing and what he's had to endure.

I just drove by his new house and took a glance at its progress.

I'm so happy for the Cavs.

I pray to the Lord that we take the Eastern Conference tomorrow night.

My hubby will be there. It should be so fun...I hope and pray.

Happy Weekend Wayne,

Villager said...

Rob - I remember Showtime! That was indeed the best of all times for anyone that lived in Los Angeles or rooted for the Lakers. I just heard that the Lakers are still wildly popular. They are the largest attendance team on the road. The other 31 NBA cities/fans love it when Kobe and the Lakers come to town.

James, I didn't remember that he hit them on 3 pitches only. That is remarkable. I do remember the game. I guess it didn't stick in my mind because it was against 'my' Dodgers (smile). Reggie was a remarkable player!

Ray J - Your point is well taken. I appreciate your visit to our village and I hope you come back often!

Paula - I imagine that the streets of Cleveland and Akron will be quiet tonight as everyone is in front of their television set to see if the Cavs can put the Pistons away in Game #6. I won't rain on your parade ... but, I would remind you that we saw this same situation last year before the Pistons won the final two games. I am reminded that a TEAM always beats an INDIVIDUAL. Unfortunately, I don't think that LeBron has any players that can step up in the next two games. Just my thoughts ... but, then again, the Pistons are my 2nd favorite team!

peace, Villager

Dame said...

Kobe should be ashamd of himself, it took Bron 4 years in the league to lead his team that was the worst in the league to the championship game. While Kobe is right now, is a better player is asking for a trade because he can't do it himself, with a better team than Lebron.

Villager said...

Dame - No question that Kobe's star is dimming ... while the glow from LeBron continues to grow. Should be interesting to see LeBron vs. Tim Duncan in the NBA Finals next week.

peace, Villager

Villager said...

All - What a difference a year makes!