May 18, 2007

Letter to Hip Hop by Bridget Grey

Gina over at What About Our Daughters blog shared this Letter to Hip Hop by Bridget Grey. Sis. Grey hits the nail on the head. I encourage all villagers to invest five minutes to check out her words.

Villagers, what did you think of the sister's message?


Kevin said...

Thanks for sharing this answer to the madness. I just saw the flip side of this story on a CNN video here is the link:

Thanks so much for keeping us aware.

Villager said...

Kevin - Thanks for the link to the 'Read a Book' CNN report. I hadn't seen that information before.

peace, Villager

Danielle said...

I really liked the poem but have to point out there are still conscious leaders in hip hop but they have had to go independent!!!! S.E.L.F. featuring Lotus Tribe great young men from San Antonio gives me renewed hope for Hip Hop. I posted a documentary on hip hop that brings more to table in how much the corporate labels play in the hip hop industry.
Bridget Gray is amazing, purely amazing!!!
Thanks for yet another way to stretch my mind.
I highly recommend Rhaposodie's Birth of Hip Hop.

Villager said...

Danielle - I will take some time to check out the Hip Hop referrals that you make ... including the post on Modern Musings!

peace, Villager

Loida said...


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Villager said...

Loida - Thank you for sharing the press release. Good luck on your poetry venture...

Villager said...

All - Have you heard?