May 17, 2007

Price of Sugar Includes Slavery

Drumbeats from Femigog for pointing out how slavery is part of the process in creating the sugar that we use in our morning cereal or coffee. Check out trailer for indie film on the quasi-slavery of Haitian citizens to create sugar in the Dominican Republic.

Villagers, what say u?


African Angel said...

Amazing...thanks for sharing this!
I have added it to my MYSPACE PAGE.

Villager said...

African Angel - I appreciate your visit to our village. I hope that you are willing to come back often in the future.

pearl said...

wow.... thats something!! thanks for inviting me to see this... I've bookmarked it and stumbled your post!

Villager said...

Pearl - I don't know much about Stumbling ... but, I appreciate your kind words and support.