November 23, 2007

Anna Ciriani May Need a Mortgage Calculator

It is so difficult to figure out what to do when you make the decision to buy a home. Traditional Fixed Rate Mortgage? Adjustable Rate Mortgage? 5/1 ARM? 3/1 ARM? Negative or Option ARM? You have to wonder which kind of mortgage is best. The simple answer is: There is no right loan.

I figured that Anna Ciriani needs to sell her current home in Italy and buy a new one ... probably in Hollywood. She is slowly becoming the most well-known teacher in the universe and she needs to decide which which type of mortgage will best serve her individual needs.

I suggest that Madameweb spend a little time understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various mortgage programs. With a little effort she can save thousands by choosing the right mortgage.

Anna (and anyone else that is in the real estate market), please get a Free Mortgage Calculator and a free copy of your credit report. Anna, if Italy doesn't declare your home a national monument ... then you may want to see what it would take to get out from under your current debt.

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