November 26, 2007

Good Day for Democrats

Today was an unusually active day for political wonks:
  1. Trent Lott announced his decision to resign from US Senate. It is actually fun to watch republicans in congress scurrying about like roaches with the lights turned on 'em!

  2. Dick Cheney goes to the hospital because of an irregular heartbeat and ends up having more surgery on his heart. For the sake of his family, I hope that the surgery is successful enough for him to live, however, it would be great if this guy has to resign. If not, it is a shame that he wasn't impeached earlier.

  3. Al Gore visits the White House today. Ironic when you consider that George Bush and Al Gore battled it out for the presidency in 2000. You got to beleive that Al Gore will be smiling inside as he reflects on how poorly Bush as done as our president over the past 7 years.

What will happen next in the world of national politics?


Woozie said...

Maybe the Democrats will actually get something done and show America they're not nuggets of deer turd.

Villager said...

Woozie - I must admit that I've never seen a deer turd, however, I don't think the Democrats want to be compared to one (smile). Did you think that the last Democratic presidency (Clinton) did well for the country in all areas except moral commonsense?

Villager said...

All - It's been a good YEAR for the Democrats...