November 11, 2007

Chris Smitherman Makes NAACP Cincinnati Branch More Relevant

We shared with you news of a new president for the NAACP Cincinnati branch earlier this year. It appears at the people are speaking with their checkbooks about the effectiveness of the new leadership. The branch reported a 100% increase in membership in the six months since Chris Smitherman took office as president.

Smitherman said of the increase, "The increase in membership is based on citizens in our community viewing the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP as relevant and engaged in issues that impact their daily lives.".

Smitherman successfully led a coaliton of groups to defeat a county 'jail tax' issue that had the support and momentum of big business and major politicians in the city. Last night he ended a hunger strike protesting the ridiculous bond that held a Black man in prison for over 60 days for what appears to be a minor transgression. The bail set by a Cincinnati judge in this case was more than the bail OJ Simpson had to pay to Las Vegas judges for release on 11 charges of armed assault.

NAACP is bringing their national conference to Cincinnati next year and it appears that the local branch may be worthy of the honor. Do you see similiar resurgence by the NAACP branch in your town? More importantly, are you a NAACP member?


Homeland Colors said...

I'm not a member of the NAACP but its good to see someone doing the kind of work that inspires people to join.

iya said...

Keep on keeping on, Chris. May your leadership be blessed with much fruit.

Liz Hicks
Los Angeles

Villager said...

Homeland Colors - I'm not a member, however, based on what I've seen from the Cincinnati branch ... it is my intention to join this month.

Iya - I'm glad that you found the secret to sharing your village voice with us!