November 22, 2007

Mukasey Releases Hate Crimes Report

Attorney General Michael Mukasey didn't take much time to get active once appointed to his new gig. His Justice Department indicted Barry Bonds within about a week, while the past Justice Department leadership had the case without any action for over four years. Muskasey experiences a Washington DC march calling for his department to do more in addressing hate crimes and racial injustice ... and three days later his FBI releases a report showing that hate crimes rose nearly 8 percent last year.

The problematic thing is that the noose incidents reported in the last half of 2006 at Jena High School are not included in the report. It makes you wonder if the statistics are understated.

An analysis of the data shows that hate crimes increased by 8% in 2006 with anti-gay hate crimes up by 15.5%. The information was collected from police departments across the country (which might explain why the Jena statistics aren't in the report ... Jena legal system isn't known for doing the right thing). Police departments reported 7,722 incidents targeting people or property because of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin and mental or physical disability.

More than half of those crimes were motivated by racial prejudice, the report stated.

"The FBI report confirms what we have been saying for many months about the severe increase in hate crimes," said the Rev. Al Sharpton, who organized the Washington DC march. "What is not reported, however, is the lack of prosecution and serious investigation by the Justice Department to counter this increase in hate crimes." Sharpton called for Attorney General Michael Mukasey to meet with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and civil rights leaders to discuss this enforcement.


Anonymous said...

The recently release FBI report shows that anti-white hate crimes increased 7 percent while anti-black hate crime increased 0.04 percent. Civil rights leaders have criticized the FBI hate crime report for grossly underestimating the number of hate crimes. The much more comprehensive Justice Department study, also released this month, lists 190,000 hate crimes per year compared to just 7,722 hate crimes in the FBI report. T^he Justice Department statistics show that whites and Hispanics are more likely to be victims of hate crimes than blacks: "Per capita rates of hate crime victimization varied little by race or ethnicity: about 0.9 per 1,000 whites, 0.7 percent blacks, and 0.9 percent Hispanics."

The Justice Department study states that whites (including Hispanics) make up only 43 percent of hate crime offenders, even though they make up nearly 80 percent of the population. It identifies 38.8 percent of hate crime offenders as black, even though blacks make up only about 13percent of the population. By contrast, the FBI numbers identified 58.6 percent of hate crimes offenders as white and 20.6 percent of hate crime offenders as black.

According the Justice Department study, 'About 4 in 10 white hate crime victims indicated that the offenders were white, and the same proportion reported the offenders to have been black. The small number of black hate crime victims precludes analysis of the race of persons who victimized them."

Hate crimes, according to the Justice Department report, make up less than one percent of crimes. Of the 7,330 hate crime offenders listed in the FBI report, 3,957 committed racially motivated hate crimes. This means that 0.0013 percent of Americans committed racially motivated hate crimes. If racially motivated hate crimes were reliable indicators of racial prejudice in society, we could conclude that more than 99.9 percent of Americans are free of racial bias.

Violence between races not reported as hate crimes is a much more serious problem than racially motivated hate crimes. According to the FBI report, for example, there were three racially motivated murders during 2006. However, 573 of the 3,709 whites murdered in 2006 were murdered by blacks, while 208 of the 3,304 blacks murdered during the same year were murdered by whites.

Villager said...

Anon - You provide remarkable detail and analysis and the benefit of the more comprehensive Justice Dept report. Thank you very much for sharing your village voice with us. I hope you come back often.

Anonymous said...

The Justice Department report on hate crimes is online at Click the acrobat link at the bottom of the page to open or download the report in PDF format.
The bottom line is that less than one percent of Americans fall victim each year to hate crimes and that whites, blacks and Hispanics experience hate crimes at about the same rate. Most hate crime offenders, regardless of race, are young. Youth, no race, is the primary demographic of hate crime offenders. Hate crimes make headlines, but make up less than one percent of crimes.
Violence between races not categorized as hate crimes is more significant. According to the FBI’s uniform crime report, there were three racially motivated murders during 2006. Since lightening kills about 100 Americans each year, Americans are 33 times more likely to be killed by a lightening bolt than they are to die as the result of a racially motivated hate crime.) If we eliminated racially motivated murders, we could reduce the overall number of murders from 17,034 each year to 17,031 a year. That's a 0.17 percent drop. Compare this to the number of white-on-black and black-on-white murders during 2006 that were not reported as hate crimes. According to the FBI, 573 of the 3,709 whites murdered in 2006 were murdered by blacks, while 208 of the 3,304 blacks murdered during the same year were murdered by whites. Eliminating these murders would have more of a significant
statistical impact than eliminated racially motivated murders. The same goes for every other violent crime.

fusion said...

Media cover-up of neocon lies,IRS disaster,Voting machines lawsuits,these are some of the real crimes today :

in the Washington Post,Nov.11.07:"Pakistan Nuclear Security
Questioned" the front page story reports on the nuclear network of
A.Q.Kahn, the father of the pakistani atomic bomb, but then they
mention about "some europeans" helping him,without names or details,
and as all the Law Enforcement must know by now and reported repeatedly ,
it was a group of israeli-europeans and israeli-southafricans helping Kahn
buy,transport,design, manufacture,install,and sell nuclear
components,hardware,software and logistics, among them Meyer,Wisser
and Asher Karni, all members and ex-members of the Israeli Army in
Europe,USA and SouthAfrica,and later the Police in Europe,the
Scorpions in South Africa and the Justice Dpt. and Commerce USA
arrested and took to Court, were Karni was given bail paid by an
orthodox israeli-american Congregation in N.J., and why the Post lets
some of its writers try to re-write History? why ? why they lie to the
American People ?

in the N.Y.T.,Nov,21,07 :"California Sues a Voting Machine Maker over
Changes" ,were we find out that another Voting machine maker, Election
Systems and Software Inc., has been sued by California for doing the
same that Diebold Election Systems did in 2003, repositioning circuit
boards and altering software without telling the Election Board,so
they will steal the elections, there is no outcry, no popular
reaction,so they will fix the vote and with
Mukasey,Schumer,Feinstein,Joshua Bolten,Bloomberg and Lieberman, they
will keep the scandal to page 25 and then arrest the writer on
insurgency intent and terrorism support,what a criminal shame !

on the other day a caller was in shock to
find out that while the media was making a fuss about a one million
dollar earmark to open a Woodstock museum ,the same Congress was
giving a 5 million dollar earmark to open an Israeli Museum in Poland
with USA taxpayers money ! , so this Congress has money for museums in
Poland for foreign causes but not in the good old USA,
amazing !....and in all these cases,c-span,, all the media is
silent,like today when they bring the usual neocon from AIPAC as guest
to Washington Journal call-in program ( Nov,23,07) in c-span to talk
elections,and a caller had to ask: "Mr.Goldberg,are you related to
that woman gossip columnist that started the Lewinski scandal against
President Clinton ? and the guest answers: yeah,that's my mom..." ,
of course this neocon is all about Giuliani and Bloomberg,so we
have to find out from callers who the guests really are and what their
agenda really is, what a criminal shame !

also on c-span we learn that in the Israeli Press they report many cases where orthodox jeshiva students spit on christian priests and bishops in the streets of Jerusalem,and here in the USA the Media silence !

thanks goes to Treasury Sec. Paulson for trying to keep the Terror
Insurance to a few years, TRIA, at a 100 billion a year,its an
invitation to "accidents" to cover bad investments, but hey !with the
nomination of a lobbyist for the Securities-PrivateEquity-HedgeFunds
Lobby as the new IRS Commissioner, the non-tax lawyer Douglas
Shulman,we will get all the candidates investigated for potential tax
problems except Giuliani,Clinton and Bloomberg ,and Mukasey making
sure there are no complains,so the election, like so many say, its a
done deal,isn't wonderful to have your own IRS Commissioner checking
everybody else ?

remember the vote
, where 53 Senators voted to let "some" go over,under ,outside and
above the USA Constitution,just by saying National Security, and only
40 Senators voted for the Rule of Law,and with the "switch" of Schumer
and Feinstein the neocons won the day, let's remember the Vote for
Treason,never forget were it all started.

and to the President: it's been 7 years and we are sending more money than ever to foreign countries for oil and gas and still No Energy Independence and Security, no new jobs in fuelcells here in the USA, no new jobs in solar panels and concentrators here in the USA,no new jobs in evacuated tubes and insulation materials for the new Solar Home here in the USA , , no new jobs in geothermal,no new jobs in composites,no new jobs in fusion reactors, no new jobs in turbines for wind and water, no new jobs in pumping E-85 and biofuels in the 170.000 gas stations in the land, no new training for carpenters,plumbers,electricians,roofers,architects,engineers,etc., in the new Solar Homes, no new plug-in cars,no new batteries, nothing!..... since 2001 ,your advisers,the neocon lobby from Fleisher ,Mehlman, Abrams and Libby to Joshua Bolten,Kellner,Kaplan,Braunstein and his neocons have had full and exclusive access and what is the result ? they keep us addicted to oil so that our Troops and Treasury stays in the Middle East guarding their occupied arab territories and making the USA the evil in this absurd picture, so when are you going to change the advice? when the country is totally bankrupt and all the wealth is in the hands of these neocons and their Hedge-Funds in Bermuda ,Cayman Islands and Tel-Aviv? when ? when is America's turn ?

Villager said...

Fusion - Thank you for sharing your village voice with us. You have some strong opinions and I'm glad you had an outlet for them here on my blog. You shared information that I had not heard before.

Villager said...

Anon - Thanx for the link to the Justice Department report.