December 6, 2011

Gift Suggestion: RSS Feed Subscriptions

Our economy is terrible! Therefore, most villagers are looking for less expensive ways to share gifts with our favorite bloggers. I thought that I would help you out with one really great idea:

Subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog!

Some villagers may be asking, 'What the heck is RSS?'. My hope is that the rest of y'all already know the value in being a RSS feed subscriber. After all, you don't want to go into the new year missing any of our blog posts just because you weren't able to personally get online to visit. The front page of this blog only holds about 7-9 posts ... so some of them only stay on the main page for a few days.

Subscribe to my feed and you never need to miss out in the future.

I tried to make it easy with the widget up at the top of the sidebar over on the right. I hope that this is a helpful decision for your holiday gift-giving efforts. After all, a RSS feed subscription is the gift that keeps on giving!

6 comments: said...

Hey there!

I am glad that you mentioned the RSS Feed... I have only been blogging for about a year and have been a blog host for about nine months so I haven't subscribed to anyone's feed.

I didn't put a feed icon on my blog because I thought that a feed allows readers to have your post by email...and if they receive it by email then they don't stop by to participate in the discussions and that's why I didn't want to set up a feed.

Perhaps I don't quite know why it is a big deal to have subscribers....please explain...

Remember, this is the same person who didn't know what Technorati was when I first started blogging!! *LOL* I thought it was a new video game.

What can I say?



Villager said...

Lisa - Have you heard the term, "multiple streams of income"? That is a concept that business owners and entreprenurs believe in very much. I look at providing RSS feeds in a similiar fashion.

Not all blog readers are the same. Some want to literally come to our blogs ... enjoy the sidebar action ... get engaged in COMMENTS and such.

However, many are comfortable having the RSS feed inform them of blog posts ... and come by when they see a specific post that interests them.

I have a couple dozen blogs that come to me via an RSS feed on my Google page ( There is *no* way that I would type in every URL for those 24 or so blogs each day ... however, it is comforting to know that each of those blogs is coming to me on my 'puter.

Anyhow, I think it is important to offer the option to villagers... said...

I'm a slow learner!!

Good thing there are big, brave, smart brothas around!

Villager said...

Lisa - My hope is that other villagers with thoughts on RSS feeds will share their ideas with you (us) as well...

The Urban Scientist said...

You can also RSS Feed to a feedreader - like My Yahoo or Bloglines. I prefer aggregates like that because I DON'T want my mailbox filled with extra stuff. Something else to consider.

But Villager you're right. Alot of people don't know what rss feed or subscription means. It's especially concerning because most of these people are computer literate and work with technologies. I think some education and outreach is still needed.

Villager said...

Urban Scientist - You are absolutely correct. I probably have about 40 blogs coming to my aggregrate feed on my Google homepage. That is my primary way to stay engaged with the talented bloggers out there.

I only subscribe by email-based RSS feed to two blogs.

I use my sidebar to track a rotating group of six blogs. I limit that list to six because I don't want folks to have to PgDn to see the full roster in that widget. I rotate based on 'fast movers' on the Black Blog Rankings.

Anyhow, I agree that we need to stay educated and on top of our game as bloggers and blog readers...

I'll do my part. Let me know if there are other topics or 'learnings' that you think we should be talking about...