December 12, 2011

Video of the Day: Al Sharpton Lampooned on Saturday Night Live

I guess that you know you've made it into pop culture when you are satirized on Saturday Night Live. I must admit that I haven't watched a full episode of Saturday Night Live for over 20 years ... but, I did find this video-clip about the new Rev. Al Sharpton talk show to be funny!

Did you laugh?


Carolyn Moon said...

Well..I think it's the cadence that
comes off stilted in that format. It works from the dais or pulpit during funerals, sermons and inspirational speeches.Not so much in a newsroom.

O.K. I ^◡^...

Unknown said...

Carolyn - The young comedian who does Al Sharpton has him down well. I watched Sharpton's MSNBC show tonight and he took the SNL satire in good spirit. It is amazing to me how much Sharpton's career has continued to progress in a positive trajectory since he ran for president; while Rev. Jesse Jackson's career has become virtually irrelevant since he ran for president.