December 30, 2011

Top 10 Greatest GOP Moments of 2011 (VIDEO)

While these moments are definitely funny, the truth is, they reveal a little something about the GOP candidates for president.

Some of them need to brush up on foreign policy and the federal government. Some think that under-privileged kids should work as janitors to one day make it to the middle class. And others truly believe, in their heart of hearts, that corporations really are people.

No matter which one ultimately gets the nomination, they're going to be hawking an extreme agenda. And they're going to have a ton of money from corporate lobbyists and outside super PACs to back them -- and their ideas.

Villagers, we should be scared ... one of these people could actually become president.


msladydeborah said...

Am I tripping or what?

Where is Michelle Bachmann? There is no way that she should of been excluded from this video. The woman is a walking gaffe maker.

I am not going to let them scare me Villager. That's part of their Mode of Operation. They are all talking sincerely stupid and they have a following that is laughing it up. But this will also be the same people who will be up in arms when things do not work out like they think that they should.

Maybe I am off base in my thinking but I do not believe that the entire conservative block is this far off their mental game.

Villager said...

Lady D - I'm tired of the circus. I'm ready for the main show ...let's get a GOP candidate already so that Barack Obama can come out and play!