December 3, 2011

Video of the Day: Racism Unleashed on British Tram

Did you see the video of the white woman who woke up on the wrong side of the bed? She tested out her freedom of speech rights as she began to lash out against the number of Black people and Polish people who have immigrated to Great Britain.

I gotta say that I'm glad that the young man sitting behind her thought better of his initial decision to get physical with the woman. Also, I think it is sad to see that this woman had no problem saying these things with her toddler on her lap. Finally, I guess that it is not surprising that people on this bus would rather stand up than sit in the empty seat next to this woman.

What say u?


Carolyn Moon said...

Bro. Villager, I wonder what the catalyst was for this outburst or if she's mentally unstable or had recently attended an anti-immigration meeting.

One has to wonder where all that hate and anger erupted from. It was a deep place and she may be going through esophageal spasms as a result of it.

In all seriousness though, we sometimes try to figure out why people bomb various venues killing innocent folks or shoot from high-powered rifles from rooftops and we saw the seed of that mindset on her lap. She went into a public tirade and was out numbered by the very people she hated--can you imagine what that child hears at home or similar environments? hmmm....

According to the Southern Poverty Law Office--hate groups are growing at alarming rates in this country and abroad. I've had debates with folks about my belief that in this country ...the election of a black President contributed to the proliferation of extremist groups and abroad the same mindset against immigrants led to the mass murder of 77 people in Oslo, Norway and attacks on "foreigners" in England and other western nations.

I do believe in self defense if my life and those of my loved ones are in physical danger. A vitriolic outburst as witnessed on the train should be ignored or handled in such a way that one isn't down in the gutter with the offender. I'm glad other passengers stepped in to calm the young black man down for she wasn't worth going to prison or jail for. Believe that!

Now I'm going back to listening to the music of the season and the celebration of those who want peace on earth and goodwill to others!!!

Henry Ford said...

A clear sign that there is much work to do!

Villager said...

Henry - Amen!

Carolyn - I consider myself blessed that I don't have daily exposure to the type of hate that this women was sharing ... nor do I have to witness the growth of the hate groups in our country on any regular basis. I'm not sure I would have the strength to endure it.

I hope that our nation (and others who are impacted) get over their fear of a Blackman in the White House ... because with any luck he will be there for another five years!

Hey Shae! said...

I would have sent the video to child services right after posting it on YouTube. This woman is crazy! Who lets off a stream of hateful crap like that on bystanders with a TODDLER on their lap? Clearly she needs some sort of psychiatric help for thinking this was OK.

What I find interesting, and a sign of the times that she clearly cannot stand, is that the young white people (British or Polish or who really cares) were comforting the young black guy behind her. He was clearly upset at her for telling the woman to go back to her country.

Whenever I hear about people like her all I can think of is how miserable their lives must be. While they are sitting around with so much hate in their hearts and worrying about the color of someone's skin, they are missing out on the beautiful things in life. I actually feel sorry for them and hope that God has mercy on their evil little souls.

Villager said...

Shae - The idea of sending the video to child services never entered my mind. That is a tangible response that would do some good. Thank you for pointing it out.

I agree that her hate is something that is a detriment to her soul and the souls that she influences, like that little child. I hope that she gets some intervention in her life...