December 2, 2011

Old School Friday * Merry Christmas Baby

We had our first snowflakes yesterday. Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. It truly is time to begin the preparations for Christmas. What better way to get in the mood than to listen to a few different renditions of Merry Christmas Baby. The song was originally written by Charles Brown. Here he is singing it live.

My favorite version is the one that Ray Charles gave back in 1979 while on tour in Germany.

And you know a song is a classic when it brings together people as different as these two!

Merry Christmas Villagers!


Unknown said...

Nice! I like that Charles Brown original! I love Christina but I think she was trying to hard on this one.

Unknown said...

Regina - I gotta think that Christina had some butterflys going solo with BB King...

We are a team of writers, journalists and analysts from three continents, said...

Thank you very much for that inspiring Christmas-post. I like simply everything about it: music, pic, idea...
A little while ago I also posted a Christmas-story - a very different one, but you may like to read it:

Have a wonderful seasons-time with your family, friends and the villagers!
Love and peace

Carolyn Moon said...

I grew up listening to Mr. Brown's "Merry Christmas Baby" and seasonal songs sung by Sarah Vaughn and the other greats of that period.

My daughters grew up listening to the traditional favorites and of course the seasonal songs by The Temptations..."Give Love On Christmas Day" and those R&B groups of my young adult years. Oh the memories that come back in living color of those good times.

Thanks for the post. I'm beginning to get the spirit after listening to the featured selections. Our daughters will be home soon and the rhythm of the household will return to earlier times. I'm just grateful that all of us can continue to make memories and not forget the loved ones who are no longer on this side with us.

Give Love at Christmastime and all the year around!

I second Etta's message: "Have a wonderful season-time with your family, friends and the villagers!
Love and peace"

Sis Carolyn....

Unknown said...

Carolyn - Thank you for taking the time to share your village voice with us. Sometimes us bloggers need positive reinforcement that the time will spend on these blogs is worthwhile. Your post ... and the positive memories it brings about Christmas and family ... came at just the right time!

Enjoy the season as it already obvious that you remember the reason for the season!