December 26, 2011

Taser Death: Ernest “Marty” Atencio (Phoenix, AZ)

It happened again! This time the infamous law enforcement apparatus of the Maricopa County Sheriff were involved in the taser-related killing of 44-year old Ernest “Marty” Atencio. [SOURCE]

Atencio was a military veteran. He was in police custody. He was unarmed. There were no drugs in his system. He was surrounded by ten police officers. There was no need for the use of a taser gun. The use of force was totally out-of-whack for the situation.

The infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently released video of the confrontation.

I have a feeling that this taser-related death is not going to fade away so easily for the powers-that-be in Phoenix. What say u?


Shawna Murray M.D. said...

These restraint deaths will continue until citizens demand criminal prosecution of LEOs

Asphyxial Death During Prone Restraint Revisited: 21 Cases

Colorado police should learn Wyoming’s lesson - The SCOTUS agrees with a lower court that death in restraint due to suffocation is unconstitutional.

Unknown said...

Dr. Murray - Thank you for sharing this information about 'restraint deaths'...

AfricanAmericanPundit said...

Villager, this madness will continue until tasers are used only in life threatening situations. Thanks for regularly posting this information.

Memphis said...

The militarization of American police forces over the past 20 years or so has resulted in an attitude among police that we the People are enemy soldiers and they are occupying forces who can do whatever they want to us without any repercussions whatever. So far the courts have sided with them, as have our legislators at every level of government. This absolutely has to be stopped. We aren't viewed as citizens anymore. They view us as subjects, soldiers, terrorists, anything except human beings.

Unknown said...

African American Pundit - I have to admit that it is difficult to stay consistent in sharing the taser-death information. I'm woefully behind right now. However, your encouragement with this comment will keep me going for as long as I can.

Memphis Steve - I think that you may be on to something. The weekly taser-related deaths is due as much to the poor training of police officers as anything else. The police seem to view the taser without much respect to the damage that it can do.