December 24, 2008

Justice for the Angola 3

Our friends over at ColorOfChange have been seeking justice for Albert Woodfox and the other two people referred to as the 'Angola 3'. Angola is a prison located deep in Louisiana about 30 miles from the nearest town.

A 23-year old prison guard, Brent Miller, was stabbed to death with a lawnmower blade in 1972. Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace were convicted of murder. They served the past 36 years in solitary confinement -- It's the longest any inmate has spent in isolation in modern U.S. history. Now, all these years later, the murder seems even more unsettled and elusive than it did then, and there are questions about their guilt.

Despite increasing evidence of Woodfox's innocence, the State of Louisiana is digging in its heels. They've pushed back against a federal judge who has overturned Woodfox's conviction and ordered his release. Many believe that the government is upset with the 'Angola 3' because they were organizing within the prison for better conditions, an end to sexual abuses, and the fair treatment of inmates.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is not saying anything. Petitions have been delivered to him asking for him to take action in this case ... however, he hasn't said a word yet.

Have you been following the story of the Angola 3 over the past weeks and months? If so, what is your take on the situation?

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