December 11, 2008

New AfroSpear Member: Womanist Musings

I was pleased to see that one of the most powerful Black female bloggers, Renee Martin, added her top-ranked blog, Womanist Musings (BBR #16) recently joined the AfroSpear. Sis. Martin began her blogging career in April 2008 with the issuance of her 'Womanist Manifesto'.

This blog is dedicated to critiquing current events and pop culture from a womanist perspective. Its sole purpose is to give voice to those that have historically been marginalized and silenced.

When asked why she wants to join the AfroSpear, Renee wrote, "I think the purpose and the goal of AfroSpear is to help build a Black community online. Even though we speak with different voices, it is important to hear a Black perspective on daily life. The AfroSpear brings attention to Black issues and the work of Black bloggers.

Though my blog is new I am dedicated to raising awareness. I post almost daily. My blog is entitled womanist-musings because I focus on issues that are important to Black women. I also offer a womanist analysis of current events. I think that my blog is important because Black women are often disregarded by mainstream news."

I encourage all villagers to share their thoughts on this new AfroSpear member ... and visit her blog as well!



Hey Villager!

This is super exciting news!

Congratulations to Renee! I have been a visitor at her blog for many months! Excellent discussions!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

J said...

A big welcome to you Renee!

Unknown said...

Lisa and Tariq - This is a great addition to The AfroSpear...

Renee said...

Thanks for the kind and warm welcome. I am honored to be a member.

Monica Roberts said...

Alright Renee...Congrats Sis!

SjP said...

Congrats Renee! So glad!