September 14, 2014

Rest in Peace: Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)

Patrick Swayze is an actor that I always enjoyed without telling anyone. I'm sad that he died on this date in 2009. He fought a strong battle against cancer for over 18 months.

I watch him in Red Dawn whenever it comes on television. I like the fact that his guys in the movie called themselves Wolverines. I like that his character is a strong big brother in the film. And I like that Ron O'Neal was able to demonstrate some acting chops outside of his Super Fly role.

When I was much younger Swayze showed me what Dirty Dancing was all about. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" is the line I remember ... but, it was the writhing bodies that I enjoyed. Villagers, my dancing moves are mostly from my college years in the late 1970s ... but, late at night with the right partner ... I can Dirty Dance with the best of them courtesy of Patrick Swayze!

I also enjoyed Swayze's role in Road House. It was a wild west story told in a suburban bar. It is always good to see the good guys kick the bad guys in the butt at the end of the movie. Swayze has me thinking about taking up martial arts whenever I watch this flick. Anyone remember when he said, 'Pain don't hurt' in this movie?

Finally, who among us doesn't wish that we had a love as strong as Patrick Swayze had with Demi Moore in Ghost. You can visualize that scene with the clay right now, huh!?! There are two bad guys in this movie ... Tony Goldwyn (Carl Bruner) and Rick Aviles (Willie Lopez). I didn't realize until tonight that actor Rick Aviles died of AIDS back in 1995.

I'm having flashbacks to Next of Kin and Point Blank!

Anyhow, I share all this to let you know that I'm truly sad to learn that Patrick Swayze has transitioned. May he rest in peace.


Color Online said...

Thanks EV,

I was sad to hear the actor passed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Villager.

I'm with you on this one. I always enjoyed Swayze's athleticism, but he was also a good enough actor to bring believable character to his roles.

"Dirty Dancing" was definitely one of muy favorite Swayze movies. "Ghost" is without the #1 pick for my wife.

Unknown said...

Color Online - Very sad. What was your favorite Swayze movie?

Keith - I suspect that many women would have that movie ('Ghost') in their list of all-time favorites. One of the oddities in 'Dirty Dancing' was that this was seeing the Law & Order guy who played Baby's father.

SjP said...

I heard this morning that most women "identify" with Patrick in Dirty Dancing and most men with the pottery scene in Ghosts. Me, I don't think I saw a movie with him that I didn't like...even the one with Wesley! LOL in peace and dance on!

Unknown said...

Sojourner - Wasn't he in Tango & Cash with Sylvester Stallone as well?! I even enjoyed that flick...