September 30, 2014

Good News Tuesday: Polite Stewart, Jr. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Polite Stewart Jr. was 3 years old when his parents pulled him out of day care and his father began teaching him at home. The Baton Rouge, La., native loved learning science — and he clearly had an aptitude for it. At 14, he enrolled as a full time student at Southern University, majoring in physics. Polite graduated in December 2012 at 18, and is believed to be the youngest to do so in the university’s history.

He plans to pursue a career in biotechnology that will allow him to apply the science he loves to the real world. He is currently programming for BL7.3.3(SAXS/WAXS),providing user support, completing mechanical work and devising research proposals as a Postbaccalaureate Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Ned Hamson said...

Not a fan of home schooling just because others are doing it but this is certainly a shining case for a good decision by parents.