September 14, 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Time

If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400 - with no balance carried from day to day - what would you do? How would you spend your money?

Well, you do have such a bank ... time.

Every morning, time credits you with 86,400 seconds to use for whatever purpose you choose. Every night it rules off as “lost” whatever you have failed to use toward good purposes.

It carries over no balances and allows no overdrafts. You can’t hoard it, save it, store it, loan it, or invest it. You can only use it.
  1. Nobody can manage time. But you can manage those things that take up your time. 
  2. Time is a priority. You have enough time for anything in the world, so long as it ranks high enough among your priorities.
  3. Time is expensive. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our day is spent on those things or those people that only bring us two percent of our results. 
  4. Time is irreplaceable. We never make back time once it is gone.
  5. Time is measurable. Everybody has the same amount of time…pauper or king. It is not how much time you have; it is how much you use.
  6. Time is perishable. It cannot be saved for later use.
I can’t control what life does to me but I can control how I react to what life does.”  ~ Lewis Timberlake ('First Thing Every Morning')

This blog will continue to seek out Sunday Inspirations, a meme inspired by Sojourner's Place. Sunday Inspirations is just one way to help get us through the week ahead, the trials we may face, and yes, to say 'Thank You Jesus' and testify! I invite you to participate in this weekly meme as your contribution might serve as an inspiration to someone in need.

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