September 15, 2014

Alabama Deputy Sheriff Serves as Judge, Jury and Executioner-by-Taser of Unarmed Ricky Hinkle

Ricky Hinkle
It happened again! This time we learned from one of our blog readers about the taser-torture applied to 47-year old Ricky Hinkle by unidentified officers of the Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, AL on September 13, 2014. The Jefferson County Sheriff's office indicates that one of its deputies was disrespected by this unarmed inmate and as a result they feel justified in taking his life with this extra-judicial electrocution. [SOURCE]
"While in the process of moving, the inmate threatened to harm himself. At that point it was determined the inmate should be placed in a cell that allowed twenty-four-hour monitoring to prevent any possible suicide attempt," the agency said.

"When they arrived at the cell the inmate became combative, refused to enter and began scuffling with one of the deputies. A second deputy deployed a Taser to bring the inmate under control. After engagement the inmate fell to the floor and became unresponsive," according to the statement.
... or as I like to think of it:
"Unarmed human being disrespected a sheriff deputy. Sheriff deputy and his posse pulled out their tasers and pumped the unarmed human being with over 50,000 volts of electricity. Surprise. He fell to the floor and died."
Mr. Hinkley is just another in a growing list of human beings that are being killed in front of our eyes. I wonder if the unidentified deputy sheriff will be disciplined for serving as judge, jury and executioner?


Ned Hamson said...

Happens way too often but no one even seems to want to take on the issue and go to Federal court to have tasers banned as cruel and unusual punishment!

Unknown said...

Ned - My only thought is that keeping this issue alive with this growing list will help in the long run. Time will tell...