September 1, 2014

Taser Lawsuit: Gregory Towns (East Point, GA)

Gregory Towns
It is nice to see that the family of Gregory Towns is suing the police department and its officers who killed him on April 11, 2014 when they fired at him 13 times with their taser guns while he was in handcuff.

The wrongful death lawsuit seeks damages from the East Point police department and two former police officers - Marcus Eberhart and Howard Weems.

Perhaps the best way to change the hearts and minds of the police who seem to use their taser guns at the slightest whim is to win some more of these lawsuits.


Big Mama said...

Thanks for this update, Omo. Now to share your blog link with Cousin Matt. Iya

Unknown said...

The district attorney is taking a closer look into possible guilt of two taser-happy cops involved in extra-judicial electrocution of Gregory Towns.