September 12, 2014

Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by Ferguson Kids

Racism is not over, but these kids from Ferguson, Missouri, are way over it.

In a new video from social justice-oriented T-shirt company FCKH8, several Ferguson children lampoon the excuses white people give to avoid getting involved in ending discrimination in America and deliver a call to action to stomp out racism.
"Just because Beyoncé is on your playlist and you voted for Obama doesn't mean that our generation has seen the end of racist drama," the kids, who range in age from 6 to 13, say. They add later, "We just want an equal shot at life, not to be shot to death."


kid said...

The Right is attacking the children's You Tube and posting racist and offensive comments. They are even voting down the video in large numbers.

Unknown said...

Kid - The truth will always rise up and thwart those who try to keep it hidden. Those young people were speaking truth...