June 1, 2009

Republicans Continue to Attack 'Justice J-Lo'

Republicans continue to struggle with Obama's decision to nominate Sonia Sotomayor to serve on the Supreme Court. On the one hand, they claim that Sotomayor is a racist who is only being nominated because of her gender and ethnicity. On the other hand, right-wing Republicans continue to race-bait Sotomayor.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Debbie Schlussel, who called Sotomayer 'Sonia from the Block' and 'Justice J-Lo'. Schlussel feels that Obama chose Sotomayor for the "sole reason" that "she shares the life story of J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez."

Another right-wing kook, Pat Buchanan, continued his rampage against Sotomayor. He is now calling on the US Senate to "stand up for the white working class" and vote against Sotomayor.


A.Smith said...

Why are they getting away with calling her this stuff? That's so ignorant it's not even funny.

I'm so done with trying to understand this extra tomfoolery with these crazy-ass people.

Villager said...

A. Smith - I think that they use their rhetoric like a dog whistle. Most of us can't hear it ... but, they want their redneck audience to hear it clearly. I figure that we need to keep the light shining on them. Roaches tend to scatter when the light is shined on them...