June 24, 2009

Autopsy Report: Tucson Police User Taser, Fists and Baton to Kill Unarmed, Naked 50-Year Old Gary Decker

Tucson police officers admit to electrocuting 50-year old Gary Decker numerous times during their confrontation in his hotel room earlier this year. They also beat him with closed fists and police batons. Gary Decker was buck-naked and unarmed.

Despite these facts it appears that nothing will happen to the three police officers involved in this taser-related death.

The Pima County Attorney's office has released their investigation results that excuses the multiple taser shots and beat-down because the officers were in fear of their lives. Evidently, Gary Decker was "reaching" for a non-existent weapon under the hotel mattress.

The autopsy report conducted by Dr. Veena Singh from the Office of the Medical Examiner concludes that Gary Decker died from while in police custody from the "combined effects of restraint, acute cocaine intoxication and multiple blunt force injuries."

DOCUMENT - Click here to read the official 4-page investigation report.

The report concludes, "The officers' fear for their safety was justified, and the force they used to negate the perceived deadly threat was not so unreasonable as to constitute a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable police officer would observe faced with a similar situation."

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