June 14, 2009

Dwight Madison is Military Veteran Killed by Taser While in Police Custody

Harford County authorities are investigating the death of an inmate at the county detention center. The county sheriff's office says 48-year-old Dwight Madison was arrested Thursday for trespassing in Bel Air (MD). Officials say he became uncooperative on Friday when deputies tried to fingerprint him, fighting with two correctional deputies and one civilian employee. [SOURCE]

Since when do we give the death penalty to someone that is 'uncooperative'? Police have been dealing with uncooperative prisoners who resisted fingerprinting for decades. I don't recall any of the suspects being killed before. Now that the police have such easy access to a tool that they feel is 'non-lethal' they appear ready to use it at a moment's notice.

Dwight Madison is the 22nd person in America to be killed this year as a result of taser fire from the police. Doesn't it seem that something is wrong with a weapon that is unintentionally killing folks on a weekly basis?

Perhaps it is time for you to join us in asking for congressional hearings on the increasing incidents of taser torture in America!


Julius said...

It is alarming that a defensive tool, supposedly, is killing at the rate it is. I believe if a new medical device or procedure had similar results regarding loss of life it would of been taken off the market by the FDA a long time ago.

I totally understand the jeopardy that law enforcement officers are placed in to protect themselves and civilians, but too many lives are being loss at the convenience of using the taser. This issue needs serious analysis objectively.

Villager said...

Julius - I recall that your town (Charlotte) had a taser-related death last year with a youngster at a local grocery store. I think his name was Darrell Turner. As such, you are more attuned to these news stories when they happen. I agree with you about the need to take a second look at these so-called non-lethal weapons...