June 22, 2009

Another Taser Death in America -- Derrek Kairney (Connecticut)

Derrek Kairney is a 36-year old man who died after been shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity from a police officer on June 20, 2009. The powers-to-be completed an autopsy in less than 48 hours over the weekend. When is the last time you've seen an autopsy report issued so quickly?

Anyhow, the autopsy report claims that the man died in a suicide. Apparently, the man stabbed himself with a knife ... and after he died, the police shot him with a taser gun. What the heck caused the police to use a taser gun on this guy? Doesn't it seem that the police are pulling out the taser gun for recreational target shooting more than for its intended purpose?

Police call this an 'untimely death'. They say Kairney confronted them when they responded to a call to a home on Birch Road. They ordered him to drop the knife, but he refused and police electrocuted him with a Taser.

There is something not-quite-right about this taser-related death. What say u?


Anon said...

Living in the same town as this happened, I've heard enough talk to say this story is concerning... from the news reports, you might infer the police were called there because the victim was waving a knife around - not true. The word on the street is that the police were at the victim's house for a petty theft investigation. So if I were the family, I would be asking why the police entered a house and tazered a man - because the ruling of suicide just doesn't fit the circumstances.

Villager said...

Anon - Thanx for your onsite analysis. I agree that something seems out-of-kilter with this incident. Do you know the race of Mr. Kairney?

clnmike said...

I am of the beliefe that becase tasers are considered "non lethal" police are quicker to use them in circumstances that does not warrent it.

Miriam said...

the whole story sounds perposterous. Things aren't matching.

Going on what Clnmike says, I wonder of the black leadership should be running a campaign to do away with these taser guns?

Villager said...

All - Please ensure that you sign our online petition asking for congressional hearings on taser torture.

Mike - I agree with you. In fact, I understand that some police officers want to refer to tasers as "less lethal" rather than "non-lethal". That would be more honest label.

Miriam - I agree. Something is funky about this taser-related death in Connecticut...