September 1, 2010

59% Say Sarah Palin Isn't Presidential Material -- What Are the Other 41% Thinking?

Did you see the recent poll where 59% of Americans believe Sarah Palin lacks the "ability to be an effective president." You can tell from the Sarah Palin World Map that she is still not ready for prime-time!

It is uplifting to see that only 26% of the adults polled thought that Mama Grizzly would have the ability to be effective. The number dropped to 21% when asked of independents. Not surprisingly, there are many more -- 47% -- of the Republicans in the poll who thought that Mama Grizzly had the right stuff to be our Commander-in-Chief.

We've all seen Sarah Palin on the national stage in the past two years. Can anyone seriously believe that she would be a credible leader of the free world?

Does Sarah Palin even know a Black person? You never see anyone of African descent in her videos or at her speeches. I remember that the Blacks folks in Alaska didn't think highly of her when she was running for Vice President. What's changed over the past two years?


msladydeborah said...

The 41% who think she is presidential material are her sheepole. And they do not think-they just react.

Villager said...

Lady D - Sheepole? Never heard that word before...