September 3, 2010

Taser Death: King Hoover (Spanaway, WA)

It happened again. This time the taser-killing took place near Tacoma, WA in a small town of Spanaway. King Hoover, 27, was electrocuted to death by unidentified Pierce County sheriff's deputies as they took him into custody last Monday, August 31. [SOURCE]

Hoover overstayed his welcome after a gathering at a friend's house. He was asked to leave and a dispute began when he didn't leave quickly enough.   He eventually left the apartment ... however, he then took a propane tank from a nearby BBQ and threw it into the apartment through a back window. The police say that Hoover then broke another window and entered the apartment again.

Deputies were called to the apartment just after 8:30 a.m. Dispatchers could hearing arguing, screaming and crying in the background. Two deputies arrived and found the man hiding behind a couch. The man didn't follow commands to come out and refused to show his hands to the deputies.

A police spokesman said, "They tried to physically take him into custody," Bates said.
When Hoover refused to obey the orders of the officers they pulled out their six-shooters ...uhhhh, I mean their taser guns and electrocuted him.

A third deputy arrived at the scene. The three deputies were able to get Hoover handcuffed as he kicked at them. They also tied together his feet.

Shortly after he was in custody the deputies called for medical aid because Hoover wasn't breathing. Paramedics took Hoover to St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood, where he was pronounced dead.

The unidentifed deputies involved in the confrontation were interviewed and placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

Please let this blog know if you hear of any updated facts or circumstances regarding this taser-related death.


Gunfighter said...

If the report is anwhere near accurate, that use of force seems to be perfectly legitamate and reasonable. Too bad for the dead guy, but, there you are.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - I'm waiting for some additional information to see if the information is accurate. I still don't understand how an unarmed man hiding behind a couch ends up electrocuted by the police ... and that is considered "perfectly legitimate". That value system simply doesn't compute with me.

On another note, another Washington (state) man was electrocuted by taser yesterday. I'm waiting for the police to release his name before posting the story...