September 11, 2010

Blog Safari #43

There are some truly creative Black bloggers out in the afrosphere. This semi-regular blog safari is designed to help you find and enjoy these talented folks. I encourage you to join Nyabingi, our rhino-guide, by visiting the links below to enjoy these suggested blog posts!

Let us know if you come across any remarkable posts that should be shared in our next Blog Safari!


Anna Renee said...

Hi there Villager! Let me get to the point! I want to get on your list of Afrospear Bloggers!! :-)

My recommendations: You once featured my old blog about a year ago -- But black folks don't read do they? Now called The Black Culture Blog, We're Global!

Im a contributor at the Afrospear Think Tank Blog at Wordpress. Brother Asabagna sends me to you with greetings!

I brightened your day with that piece on the Main Ingredient! (This is reason alone to add me to your list! smile)

I would love to be a part of what you're doing at the Village! It's important for black bloggers to be heard--and to be known by each other.
I blog from the perspective of teaching black folks to think freely and for themselves. I hate the corporate media and the evil manipulation that it does to black people (and white people for that matter)
I try to open black folks mind to their own culture and steer them away from always looking at themselves from a negative viewpoint, which is the goal of the corp media as it concerns blacks.
I talk about my own issues and try to be transparent in order to help others and build on-line comaraderie.
I do not hate white people or other races of people and I listen to legitimate points of views from whites. I try not to be a snob!!

So there it is! I hope that I can become a part of your Village on the Afrospear List!!
Blessings and much respect from Anna Renee at

Villager said...

Anna - I truly appreciate you for taking time to share your village voice!

You can apply for AfroSpear membership via our GoogleGroup.