September 4, 2010

First Ad: Hillary Clinton for President - 2012

I don't think that Hillary Clinton has finished paying off the debt from her failed bid at the presidency in 2008 ... but, here we have one of her supporters producing this unauthorized campaign ad for 2012 presidential campaign:

As I recall, the last time that a Democratic president was seriously challenged by a member of his own party was back in 1980 ... when Teddy Kennedy decided to challenge Jimmy Carter. That didn't work out so well for either Senator Kennedy or the Democratic Party. I figure that Hillary won't let history repeat itself in 2012.

Personally, I hope that she and President Obama can do something remarkable in foreign policy arena over the next couple of years ... like Peace in the Middle East ... or the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Anyhow, what are your thoughts as you see this 60-second campaign ad for Hillary Clinton's future presidential campaign?


Gunfighter said...

I hope she won't be that stupid. Frankly, I didn't that that Ms. Clinton was electable in 2008, and so far, nothing indicates that there is any reason to believe that this has changed.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - My hope is that Hillary Clinton pulls some magic out of her trick bag in foreign policy. It would be great to see Middle East peace accord that makes all of the wars of the past 9 years worthwhile.

As for presidency -- I agree that she should wait for 2016 if she has such ambitions.

I'm wondering if she will end up being on the ticket as Obama's VP (instead of Biden) in 2012.