September 13, 2010

Rise and Grind If You Have 'More Month Than Money'

Rise and Grind! I understand the anxiety that my fellow villagers are feeling as they deal with unemployment and floundering business revenue. Some people joke about the idea of having "more month than money". It ain't no joke for many of us. We're less than halfway through the month ... and we're juggling bills and delaying purchase decisions so that we can make it to the end of the month. It's Monday morning and many villagers, including myself, realize that we need to rise, hustle and grind things out.

I'm an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to find new clients and retain current clients. That is easier said than done in today's economic environment. However, when the sun rises today I'll begin my grustle (hustle and grind). How about you? Are you feeling any real pain from the economy?

One thing that I'm fairly sure about ... I could give a phuque about renewing the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. The wealthy always do well. They were doing well back when Clinton was president. So, in my view, they can handle having the same tax rates in 2011 that they had in the Clinton Administration. The GOP wants me to believe that Obama has a "Kenyan anti-colonial world view" because he wants to let the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy expire. Heck, if the GOP was serious about those tax cuts in the first place ... why did they put the sunset date into the law when it was originally passed. They said that the tax cuts should expire in 2010 ... so let 'em expire.  Newt Gingrich wants us to believe that President Obama is a "con-man".  I guess if Republicans can believe that our president isn't an American and that he practices Islam religion ... they may fall for Gingrich's nonsense as well.

On a personal note, I want to wish my 15-year old niece a very happy birthday. Zoe turned 15 yesterday ... and she is one of the most creative youngsters that I know. I wish her nothing but love and happiness over the course of the next year.

Finally, I give praise to the New England Patriots. They ripped the hearts out of the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday with a 38-24 victory. The Bengals need to do a gut-check this week as it gets no easier next week when the Baltimore Ravens come into town.

Baltmore Ravens vs. New York Jets tonight on Monday Night Football.   I'm hoping that New York Jets can live up to their hype by putting a beat-down on the RavensWho you got in tonight's game?


Martin Lindsey said...

You covered a lot in this one. And what was that "ph" word again? I didn't get it (LOL - just kidding).

Way to go creative niece! Let's here it for more youngsters like her.

Villager said...

Martin - I've always admired bloggers like you, Field, RiPPa and others that share more of your own personal thoughts on your blogs. I made decision recently to try to do the same. We'll see if I can make it last...

patricia said...

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