September 18, 2010

New AfroSpear Member: SoultrainC

The AfroSpear is going international. Our newest member is Etta Jones. She is the owner of a number of German-language blogs, including 'SoultrainC'. SoultrainC created her blog in August 2009.

In her application for membership Etta wrote that AfroSpear exists to "...connect the community of Black heritage and to strengthen und support each other. To win the ability to work as singles and all together for the utmost acceptance and appreciation of Black people, wherever they live and wherever we are at. For me that comes together with respecting every man and woman and their beliefs - as well as their nature."

When asked how she can support the AfroSpear, Etta wrote that she "...hopes to be able to learn a lot from the community, get close to new ideas and goals and pass it on to my Black readers (and even more to the rest)!"
The AfroSpear requires all blogger-applicants to have an existing member to serve as an advocate and nominator for admission. Black Weblog Award Hall of Famer Field Negro served as the Nominating Member for 'SoultrainC'. He wrote:

"Etta and her team seem like good people, although I am not sure how long they have been blogging. This is a jazz aficionado in Germany and they send me info on the Black and Jazz music scene in that country. If they meet all the other criterias I would surely recommend them."
I encourage all villagers to use the COMMENTS ('Village Voice') link below to share some love with Etta Jones as she begins her adventures with the AfroSpear!

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