December 29, 2010

Ujamaa: Top Ten Reasons to BUY BLACK

Originally posted: 11/29/2007

Drumbeats from Black In Business that gives ten reasons for us to support Black Business during this holiday season. Shop Black on Black Friday ... and beyond!

One of the principles of Kwanzaa that resonates with me strongly is Ujamaa ... cooperative economics. It is in our interests to spend our money with Black businesses that support and respect us and our interests. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Black:
  1. We invest in ourselves, our communities and our future.
  2. We participate in a Black self-love fest by putting our financial resources where our mouth/interest is.
  3. There is a higher likelihood of finding culturally specific products for our unique needs.
  4. Our dollars will stay within our community for a longer period of time when the Black business also employs Black folks, buys products from Black distributors and Black wholesalers.
  5. We will have a greater chance of influencing the decisions makers where we shop.
  6. We will receive respectful customer service and high quality products.
  7. We contribute to the building of business institutions that can be handed to the next generation.
  8. We contribute to becoming an independent group/nation able to sustain ourselves.
  9. We become a force to be reckoned with and able to affect change.
  10. The next generation sees a community who respects and supports itself and self esteem is increased.
In fact, we would like to use this post to identify online Black businesses. In other words, where are the Black businesses that are using the Internet to see products or services that might benefit us during this holiday season? Share your village voice and we will keep this post updated with new entries. Doable?

Here is list of Black-owned businesses that Villagers recommend for your consideration:

  1. Afri-Ware Inc. - Oak Park, IL (708) 524-8398
  2. AfroSpear Freedom Technology Christmas
  3. ATM Typing (Clerical Services)
  4. Auto Parts For Less (Auto Supplies)
  5. Frontier National Products Co-Op - Norway, IA (800) 669-3275
  6. National Black Business Trade Assn - (641) 953-0492
  7. Preciss Data (Data Processing)
  8. Sportacular Players (Sports Apparel & Equipment)
What do you think about the top ten reasons? What do you think about the concept of 'Buy Black'?


Shelia said...

Great post Villager, thanks for the list.

Villager said...

Shelia - Are there any Black-owned tennis shops where folks can purchase equipment or such online? Which of the 10 reasons resonates with you the most this weekend?

Iya said...

This is not the place to respond to that topic, but didn't see any other spot. I was aware thast 90+% of those named Washington were Black. That 75% of Jefferson are was new. Looking in the Los Angeles telephone directoiry, I can believe the rise in Hispanic surnames.

That Girl Boo said...

Nice post Villager,
I'm looking for books for young girls age 10-15, they don't have to be new, so if anyone is willing to sell their books, I'm willing to purchase them.

Also, I would be willing to sell non-irradiated seasonings at whole sale prices just so our community would have the opportunity to use these types of expensive seasonings. That are often sold at Whole Foods, or specialty stores. I would charge a small fee that would allow me to purchase the packaging, and folks would just need to pay for their own shipping.

Shelia said...

Not that I am aware of Villager. There may be some sporting goods owners, but not tennis specifically. I'll have to check that out.

"We will have a greater chance of influencing the decisions makers where we shop."

This reason to me is of extreme significance for a number of reasons. Primarily because I noticed growing up in L.A. that as a few black-owned businesses began to spring up, the major stores began to carry those products. I still shopped at the black-owned stores, but I really enjoyed seeing them drive the competition.

The same thing happens today. I especially see it in Wal-Marts who have some of the largest selections of black hair care, skin care and ethnic foods that you can find.

And let's not even discuss hip-hop driven apparel/products (which I don't care for), that every retailer, high and low end is now carrying.

Villager said...

Iya - On the right-hand navigation panel you will see a section titled Village Griot. You can see the titles for all the past posts in that section. Top Surnames including more Hispanic names is not surprising. Asian surnames in America are increasing as well.

Villager said...

Boo - Hopefully, you will get some tips on books for young girls age 10-15 from some of our villagers reading this post. In the meantime, if you provide me with your website URL and phone number I would be happy to update the post with information on your non-irridated seasoning business. OK?

Villager said...

Shelia - Have you been back to LA lately? Noticed Koreatown? That is the biggest example of 'ujamaa' that I've ever seen in my life. They are so confident about the fact that other Koreans will support their businesses that they don't even put English subtitles on their signage.

Danielle said...

It is so important to buy local, within our communities and within our country at that. This is the way that capitalism can work for society.

Villager said...

Danielle - It is more and more difficult to Buy American nowadays. The world is so global. However, we have to be very conscious about how our money is being spent.

peace, Villager

Gerri said...

I see that as a good idea. It will work out for the better if you buy black because of what it could potentially do for the future. I'm a new dad and am thinking about what we will leave behind for our children.

Villager said...

Gerri - Which of the 10 reasons resonates with you the most?

That Girl Boo said...

Hi villager, the seasoning will come from "" I am not the owner of this site of anything like that, however I am a co-op member, I will give you my # and all the info however can I send it to you via e-mail? here is my blog email plz send me a note and I will send you the info.

In the mean time I'm not sure if everyone even knows what "Food Irradiation" means so I'll write a quick post about it.

Gerri said...

Number one resonates with me the most. We need to take ownership of our situation(s) and invest in our own development and future.

Villager said...

Boo - We've added Frontier Coop to the list. I found a phone number and location directly from their website. I look forward to seeing your post on spice irradiation!

Gerri - Thank you for sharing your village voice with us.

That Girl Boo said...

Okay the only thing is they have to place the orders with me if they want the whole sale prices, which is about 30-50% less

Lee said...

There are several Black businesses located at Black Business Space.

Its a project of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA)

Villager said...

Boo - my email address is if you want me to provide a different phone number in the main post. OK?

Lee - It is great to see your continued energy with NBBTA. Which of the TOP TEN REASONS TO BUY BLACK do you find most important, in your view? I will update the main post with the information that you've provided. Is there a phone number for NBBTA that we can share on our blog?

Lee said...

Both #9 and #10.

#9. For what we do now.

#10. For those who come behind us.

NBBTA's phone number is 641-983-0472

Theo J. said...

Villager, great post.

Here are some black owned businesses I use and know offer quality service & products: (Sports Apparel & Equipment) (Clerical Services) (International Data Processing)

Black Women in Europe said...

I totally believe in spending my money with black folks who give a good service.

I am actively looking for black businesses with affiliate marketing programs so that I can support them on my blog and social networks.

Lee said...

The National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA) offers a free affiliate program to help increase memberships.

Go to

You will see an affiliate link. Register and post it on your blog, website or emails. The membership is a one-time dues of $59.95. As an affiliate you will earn $30.

Villager said...

Lee - Thank you for the updated information about NBBTA. We have added a link and phone number to your organization in the post now.

Villager said...

Theo J - We've added the four Black-owned businesses that you recommended to the list. At the same time, we encourage you and others reading this thread to support The AfroSpear Freedom Technology Christmas!

Villager said...

Adrianne - Thanks for sharing your village voice!

Anonymous said...

Go to They have a "Buy Black For Christmas" series.