December 12, 2010

Taser Death: Anthony Jones (Las Vegas, NV)

We are seeing a re-birth of the Wild, Wild West out in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the second time in recent months the police killed a man with multiple shots from their taser guns.  [SOURCE]

The taser-related death occurred early in the morning on Saturday, December 11. Police stopped 44-year old Anthony Jones for a traffic violation at 1:07 a.m. The unarmed man and police officer were talking with one another in front of the police car. Police claim that Jones suddenly began to run away ... jumping over a wall into the backyard of an abandoned home.

Police said officers chased and attempted to take Jones into custody but he aggressively resisted them. The officers then "attempted to deploy an E.C.D. several times to subdue the suspect," police said.

That is police-speak for they pumped this unarmed man with hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity because they were pissed off that he ran away from them.

Jones was taken into custody but soon appeared to be in medical distress. No surprise since he had just been electrocuted by multiple taser gun blasts from these unidentified officers.

Jones was pronounced dead later at Valley Hospital.

Police did not specify how many officers were involved. They were placed on paid leave, and their names will be released 48 hours after the incident, per department policy.

This might be a good time to remind ourselves that resisting arrest should never be punishable by death.   Especially, without any judicial oversight.   The police are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner in America.   Yet and still we are seeing extra-judicial electrocutions taking place on a weekly basis in our nation.   Why is there no outrage?

Please let this blog know if you have any additional information about this taser-related killing in Las Vegas.


Gunfighter said...

Wayne, I believe that there is so little outrage (generally speaking) because the ratio of Taser use to Taser-related deaths is so low. If the ratio were higher, it might prompt more concern.

I still submit that were fewer peolpe to resist arrest, fewer Tasers would be deployed, which would have a real effect on the number of Taser-related deaths.

Let me take this opportunity, in case we aren't in touch between now and then, to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Villager said...

Gunfighter - I agree that it is never a good idea to disrespect or to resist arrest from law enforcement officials. However, I also don't think that it is right for taser-related deaths to occur on a weekly basis ... especially when so many of the dead are unarmed and non-violent offenders.

That said ... I hope you have a fantastic Christmas holiday as well. I have the CD you send me last year in my rotation this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!

American Is Proud said...

This guy was a co worker and although I didn't have the opportunity to meet him face to face have heard nothing but good things about him! He had been working hard to overcome a lot of obstacles in his life. He was helping his dad who is elderly. He came and picked up his last check and I felt so badly for him. I still see his name come thru on orders and it angers me hearing so many good things about him and knowing how his life ended. My heart goes out to his family!

Villager said...

American Is Proud - Have you heard anything new about this case from local media or your employer?