December 6, 2010

2010 Hasn't Been Good for Black Male Icons Like Tiger Woods or President Obama

This is the time of year when people begin doing the "Best of 2010" lists. I know at least two people who won't be on those lists -- Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama.

Tiger Woods didn't win a single golf tournament in 2010. That is the first time he's been shut-out of the victory celebration in many moons. Now, I need to admit that I don't play golf ... nor do I watch it unless Tiger is in the mix. As such, I haven't had many weekends in 2010 where golf was on the television. However, I was watching the Chevron World Challenge today. I thought that Tiger would end the year with a win. Instead I ended up watching the greatest comeback ever against Tiger Woods. Tiger had a 4-shot lead when the day began ... but, he ended up losing in the first playoff hole.

Woods had never lost a tournament as a pro when leading by at least three shots going into the final round.
But, it happened this year ... 2010 ... a bad year for Black male icons.

President Obama is having a terrible year as well. I can still remember how I cried when I watched Obama giving his victory speech after the Iowa primaries in early 2008. I remember how proud and happy I was when he won the presidency in November 2008. I have watched him deliver on some big promises with health care reform, Wall Street reform and many, many, many other things in the first 23 months of his presidency.

However, 2010 has been a disaster for President Obama. His party took historic losses in the mid-term elections last month. And now it seems that the GOP leadership in the congress is rolling him every which way on issues like middle-class tax cuts, START treaty and unemployment insurance. My president is event getting elbowed in his backyard pick-up basketball games.

I started to add LeBron James to this list
... but, he did give a butt-whipping to the Cleveland fans ... so I 'spose that LeBron is not having as bad a year after all.

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