December 31, 2010

Top 10 Films of 2010 According to the African American Film Critics Association

I don't have a large degree of trust in the ability of the annual Academy Awards to comment on the image of African Americans in film.  After all, they only seem to recognize African American actors when they are in roles like slave-era mammies, modern-day mammies, corrupt cops or servants with driver's licenses.

As such, I'm please to share the feedback by the African American media professionals around the nation who are part of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA). The organization honors excellence in cinema by creating awareness for films with universal appeal to Black communities, while emphasizing film about the Black experience and those produced, written, directed and starring performers of African descent. The association actively reviews the quality and standard of Black talent, content and media coverage.

The AAFCA List of Honorees: 
  • Best Feature Film:               “The Social Network” directed by David Fincher
  • Best Documentary:              “Waiting for Superman” directed by Davis Guggenheim
  • Best Actress:                         Halle Berry, “Frankie and Alice” 
  • Best Actor:                             Mark Wahlberg, “The Fighter” 
  • Best Supporting Actress:    Kimberly Elise, “For Colored Girls” 
  • Best Supporting Actor:        Michael Ealy, “For Colored Girls” 
  • Best Director:                        Christopher Nolan, “Inception” 
  • Best Screenplay:                  “Night Catches Us” by Tanya Hamilton
  • Best Song:                            “Four Women” composed by N. Simone, “For Colored Girls
  • Special Achievement:         Lena Horne, Roger Ebert and Melvin Van Peebles. 
AAFCA Lists Top Ten Films of 2010:

1.            The Social Network
2.            The King’s Speech
3.            Inception
4.            Black Swan
5.            Night Catches Us
6.            The Fighter
7.            Frankie And Alice
8.            Blood Done Sign My Name
9.            Get Low
10.         For Colored Girls

I have to admit that I don't go to out to see movies at the theaters very much. As such, I haven't seen many of the movies being recognized this year by AAFCA. However, I am heading over to my Netflix queue to add these movies. I'll be seeing 'em soon!

What do you think about the choices made by AAFCA for best movies, actors and such?


Anonymous said...

Same here. Don't go to the movies but a few of these are already on my Blockbuster online queue.

Villager said...

Symphony - So ... are you more disciplined with your online queue than I am? I seem to have over 100 movies in the queue right now (sigh)...