December 17, 2010

Florida Police Identify Officers Involved in Taser-Killing of Linel Lormeus

The Collier County Sheriff released the names of the deputies who were in the house when 26-year old Linel Lormeus was killed by multiple taser shots. Three deputy corporals -- Neil Gershman, Alfred Rodriguez and Todd Sanner -- engaged Lormeus in a violent struggle before they killed him.

Deputy Cpl. Sanner was the first officer to pump 50,000 volts of electricity into Lormeus. Deputy Cpl Rodriguez got impatient when Lormeus didn't comply quickly enough with the shouted demands from the police ... so he also fired his taser at Lormeus. Lormeus was standing in the back of the closet at the time. He fell to the ground and was dead a short time later.

The police also shared a redacted transcript and an audio clip of the 911 calls that brought them to Lormeus' home in the first place.

The police don't usually release the 911 information unless they want to try to influence public opinion. Methinks that the police know that they used too much force in dealing with this situation. Three officers had Lormeus cornered in his closet. Did they really need to use the tasers until he stopped breathing?

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