December 19, 2010

Taser Autopsy: Adam Colliers Tased, Unresponsive and Dead; Coroner Says His Death Was 'Accidental'

Am I the only one who thinks that doctors seem like they enjoy peeing in our face and calling it 'rain'? That's what it feels like whenever I hear a coroner use some bogus condition like 'excited delirium' to excuse an extra-judicial electrocution by a police officer.

Villagers may recall that Adams Colliers, 25, was unarmed and non-violent when police received a 911 call. Colliers was running up and down the street. He was acting strange, however, he hadn't touched anyone. Sheriff’s Deputy Ian Whipple arrived first. Deputy Bryson McGee arrived next. McGee fired his Taser, which made contact with Colliers’ body, according to the search warrant. McGee said Colliers became unresponsive, and he and Whipple started CPR. CPR didn't work as Colliers died moments later.

The guy gets tased ... and within moments he's dead. Nothing accidental about it.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's office sees it differently. They claim that Colliers had acute methamphetamine intoxication and likely had excited delirium as well. The manner of death was ruled an accident.

Colliers’ death remains under investigation by the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team. Hopefully, they will understand that an unarmed and non-violent Colliers should not be dead. The fact that he *is* dead is not an 'accident' ... it is criminal!

What say u?


Gunfighter said...

A) "Excited Delerium" isn't having your face peed on. Why is it so hard to believe that it is quantifiable, particularly in cases of extreme agitation or rage, especially if connected to intoxication?

B) It appears that you left out the nature of the 911 call? Why were the cops called? Surely it wasn't just because the deceased was running up and down the street... I do that regularly just to try to stay in some semblance of fitness.

C) The fact remeains that the overwhelming majority of people who get tased have no ill effects after the event.

D) I reject entirely your conspiracy theory that the people who die as a result of being tased were killed intentionally by the officers who used the taser. said...

The only "conspiracy" is that the manufacturer of tasers for years spread the falsehood that tasers were not capable of causing death.

In fact, tasers are perfectly capable of causing death. It's random, but it happens enough that marketing tasers as "non-lethal" is a lie; a dangerous lie.

The police are typically surprised when someone is tasered_and_dies. But they're still liable for being naive to believe the marketing from the fork-tongued stun gun salesmen.

It's the lies that are the problem.

And calling a taser-death an accident and attributing it to heart disease is 1984-speak.

mada said...

The nature of the 911 call was to request help for a young man that was running up and down a rural road yelling for help. The callers stated the he needed help. He was not committing any criminal activity, he was barefoot, he had no weapon, he was not behaving aggressive nor destructive in any way. He was having described by a witness as having seizures. I do not believe the responding officers intended to kill him but their negligent reaction did just that.

Villager said...

Excited Delirium - It appears from your comments that you think that the 'continuum of force' policies used by the police should be changed to show that the taser is a deadly weapon? Is that correct?

mada - Thank you for sharing your insights and opinions on this taser-related death. Does the coroner's report indicating 'accident' instead of 'homicide' mean that the officers will get off scott-free in the death of Adam Colliers?

Villager said...

All - To close the loop on this one ... there were no charges filed against the deputies who were involved in this taser-killing.

Wayne Hicks said...

Mr. Collier's mother wrongful death lawsuit against the county...