December 10, 2010

Old School Friday * This Christmas

Are you in the full glow of the Christmas season yet? If not, we'll try to help you with a couple glorious versions of 'This Christmas'. The first is the original stylings of Donny Hathaway. The second is from one of my favorite old school groups, The Whispers.

The Whispers had a number of Christmas songs back in the day. This was always one of my favorites.

What is your favorite Christmas song?


Regina said...

Not knocking the Whispers at all, but I am partial to Donny Hathaway! But I do enjoy the whispers also! I think the version of This Christmas that I really cannot stand to hear is the Chris Brown version.

Enjoy your weekend Sir!

Qwami Ade said...

O Lawd yes!! When them horns hit it's like pure delight..Donnie's version never gets old.

Villager said...

Regina - Chris Brown slipped into the same category with R. Kelly of artists that I won't even click on a link to listen to ... much less spend my money on. Anyone that treats Black women as these two did earlier in their lives is not to be respected or supported.

Qwami - I visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for taking time to share your comments. I'm curious ... what is your favorite Christmas song?