December 18, 2010

Taser-Killing Waco Police Officers Return to Work; No Sanctions for Killing Unarmed and Non-Violent Man

Rodney Green deserves justice. The 36-year old man was killed by several Waco police officers on Thanksgiving night following a traffic accident. He was unarmed. He was non-violent. Yet, he ended up being tased and killed by Waco police officers.

After an internal review of the officers' actions, it was determined they followed department policy, procedure, and state law in attempting to subdue Green. [SOURCE]

An unarmed, non-violent and confused man is surrounded by Waco's finest and ends up being electrocuted to death ... and this is perfectly fine with the Waco police department.

I wonder how Waco police officers Anita Gomez, D.J. Adams and Jason Taylor are sleeping at night? Now that their bosses have cleared them to come back to work ... I suspect that they are wondering whether or not the district attorney is going to file criminal charges against them?

What say u?


anjel said...

I think these tasing incidents are getting out of control. When you start tasing old people and unarmed men something is wrong. The police already thought that they could just do whatever they want to a person and it has gotten worse. I think the tasers should be taken out of the hands of police officers with already too much authority.

Villager said...

Anjel - Thank you for your visit and your comment. I agree that these incidents are out of control. I'm not sure if its poor training or simply a device that should no longer be touted as 'non-lethal'. In any case, I think that it is unacceptable that unarmed and non-violet men should be dying on a weekly basis as a result of taser abuse by the police...