August 21, 2008

Villager on NPR Roundtable: Mixed Race, Pretty Face?

I represented villagers as a member of the NPR bloggers' roundtable hosted by Farai Chideya on 8/20/08. We discussed the following three questions during the roundtable:
  1. Do you agree with new study calling mixed-race kids cuter, but worse behaved?

  2. Do you agree with the Justice Department desire to use racial, ethnic and religious profiling when investigating a suspected terrorist?

  3. It's all good that Laurence Fishburne has a new gig with CSI, but doesn't it seem like the Black sitcom is going the way of the dinosaur?

My two roundtable panel colleagues were Aimee Laramore (A Work in Progress) and Kevin Ross (3 Brothers and a Sister).

Do have thoughts on any of these three issues that you care to share? What say u?


Danielle said...

I caught the segment earlier. This author of Freakonomics should check himself. First of all what good does it do to speak of any segment of the population with so much generalities.

My children could be considered of mixed race, if I acknowledged race that is. My niece is also the production of different skin colors joining in love. They are cute, but not cuter than anyone else and well behaved, generally.

I cannot believe that the Justice Department is considering racial profiling in any sense other than completely abolishing the practice. After September 11th, we braced ourselves for the reaction that might come from my husband's appearance. To even think that he could be targeted infuriates me.

I knew from the beginning stages of Mukasey's nomination for AG that it would spell trouble. Of course ABC breaks the story into 4 pages but this needs to be stopped!

Gathering up a local crew to present the LaVena Johnson petition as soon as I can get Ms. Berkley to realize that during an election year she better meet with this constituent.

Love and Light all the day long, my brother.

Modern Musings

Villager said...

Danielle - Asante sana for sharing your village voice on these three topic areas. You should be on the roundtable. Interested?