May 16, 2009

Did Newark Police Kill Basire Farrell with Taser Torture

Villagers have been watching the increasing incidents of taser torture around the nation. Today we learn that Basire Farrell, a 30-year old Black man died in Newark while in custody after he allegedly attacked police officers who were trying to subdue him. Relatives claim he was beaten, tased and killed during the incident.

Police officers responded to reports of a disorderly man inside of Morgan's Bar. Officers indicate that the man began to hit vehicles and yell obscenities when they approached him. In fact, the police say that Farrell bit one them during the scuffle.

The police eventually subdued him, took him into custody, and had emergency workers transport him to Beth Israel Medical Center. During the trip, the man went into cardiac arrest and died a short time later.

Relatives quesitoned police accounts and whether excessive force was used. Witnesses had told the family that officers had beaten, kicked and tasered Farrell.

"Basically my nephew was killed unjustly at the hands of police," said Farrell's uncle, Racheim Farrell. "I'm really like numb with disbelief. The police are the ones to serve and protect the community. We put all of our faith and trust in the police. Newark has some great officers. They do community work with kids. We're not saying all cops are bad. There's just a few bad apples that did something wrong."
Villagers, this guy was wrong for battling the police. However, the penalty for disorderly conduct is a couple of days in jail ... it is not death. There simply is no excuse for extra-judicial electrocution or taser torture. Isn't it time for congressional hearings on this matter?




You already know what I am going to say...

This was a trifling person who would NEVER have been involved with police if he were not disorderly.

I can't overlook the fact that these situations involve a black person who is being TRIFLING or CRIMINAL about 90% of the time that police are called. I can't overlook it.

It isn't just to kill them but I think that if a brotha wants to live to see tomorrow, when he steps out of his house be BETTA ACT LIKE he has some sense... because the police will send him home in a body bag and then go and eat a Whopper Combo meal and think nothing of it.

This is the present reality.

Congressional action will not change the fact that black men are deemed disposable in our society...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

kennyx6 said...

Some Officers have very little control over themselves once the adrenaline starts flowing within them in a heated exchange or confrontation.
Too many good officers shot and killed innocent people. That’s why Tasers were introduce. However, with the failure of the high power Taser's. I would recommend something different that would immobilize rather than kill individuals. In my opinion, tranquilizing dart guns, similar to what are use to capture animals for the zoo or for relocation would be a safer alternative

Unknown said...

Lisa - Your point is well-taken. No doubt that Basire Farrell deserved police attention and punishment for being disorderly. However, his punishment should not be DEATH. George W. Bush was disorderly when he was younger ... and yet he became POTUS. Yes, Black folks ...especially boys and men ... need to come correct. However, the police need to protect and serve, not serve as extra-judicial executioners.

Kenny - Dart guns? Hard to beleive that I'm missing the good ol' fashioned billy club!

ilovebasirefarrell said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if you didn't know this then you don't know his background. Let me explain, this was the love of my life. Yes, he was going somethings. He lost his mother six months ago while incarcerated and even though this does not constituute his wrong doings, no one deserves to die, especially by the Newark Police Department. He was a very smart and intelligent person and the side of the person you are trying to make him out to be is just not the Bass that I know. He was loving father of two, but was dealing with a lot of issues. So, everyone handles death differently and it just so happen to affect his mental state. He was just released from Prison on March 15, 2009. And unfortunetly today is his birthday and we are about to celebrate his death. It was told to me also that he was tasered. If they did not beat him then why were they transporting him to Beth Isreal Hospital in the first place. They killed my baby and he didnt deserve that. Just remember he was somebodies, child, grandchild, etc....and so are you! This could have been anybody, always look at the bigger picture, pointing being, this souldnt have occured period.

Unknown said...

ILoveBasire - Thank you for taking time to share your village voice. I hope that the truth comes out about the cause of his death. Our prayers are with you, Basire's family and his children.