May 25, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton Jumps Into the Education Debate

Many of you saw Michael Bloomberg, Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton on the White House lawn earlier this month. This unusual trio joined forces to work on education reform. Below is a clip of Sharpton's remarks after the meeting at the White House on May 7.

What you may not know is that Rev. Sharpton pitched this idea with Barack Obama while he was on the campaign trail.

I guess it is true what they say -- 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'!


msladydeborah said...


I have some very strong opinons on this particular subject. I am not against the idea of a mass outpouring of support for education. But it seems to me that this is a battle that needs to occur right in our respective home states.

I have been following Gov. Strickland's proposal for Ohio. What bothers me is the fact that given the shift in the econmy and future job market trends, I have to question wif Ohio is headed in the right direction? I find it to be frustrating that the support needed for children, their families and the personnel who run educational programs will not be available.

But I also feel strongly on the subject of children receiving support from the adults in their household and community. The fiyah needs to be turned up on school district adminstrators and legislators. There has to be a serious form of accountability.

SANKOFA said...

The Rev. Al Sharpton and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein stunned the education world last June when they joined forces to reform the nation’s public schools.

They called their ambitious venture the Education Equality Project, and they vowed in a Washington press conference to lead a campaign to close the decades-old achievement gap between white and black students.

What Klein and Sharpton never revealed is that the National Action Network, Sharpton’s organization, immediately received a $500,000 donation for its involvement in the new effort.

The huge infusion of cash – equal to more than a year’s payroll for Sharpton’s entire organization – was quietly provided by Plainfield Asset Management, a Connecticut-based hedge fund, where former Chancellor Harold Levy is a managing director.

RiPPa said...

I caught brother Sharpton on Tom Joyner speaking about this recently. I think it's good to see him give this issue the exposure it needs and deserves.

Villager said...

Lady D - All three of my children are in the public school system ... one in Detroit and the other two in Cincinnati suburbs. It is important that the public schools get it right here in Ohio and elsewhere. I know that Obama has a great emphasis on education. I don't know how that translates to leaders at local or state levels. If you see anything that I should be sharing with my blog readers about Ohio education ... please let me know!

Villager said...

Sankofa - I share a link to your article on this subject in the first line of my post (it is the link on 'Al Sharpton' in the first sentence). I must admit that I usuaaly suspect the motives of Al Sharpton and his NAN. I saw some shady dealings in the Jena 6 and Dunbar Village cases over the past few years. He is an opportunist. That being said, I hope that his opportunistic tendencies can do so good for America if it allows for increase focus on educational improvements.

In any case, it is always a pleasure to have talented journalists such as your self in our village. I hope you find reason to visit again in the future!

Villager said...

RiPPa - I often find myself suspicious of Rev. Al Sharpton. That being said ... I agree with you ... it can be a good thing if he focuses more attention on the issue of public education.

kennyx6 said...

I saw him stump, beaten-up and nearly killed while marching for social issues. I am not sure if Rev. Sharpton is an opportunist as some claim. But I know he never made a dime for all the years he struggle to help people, various causes and injustices. He has never gone there he wasn't requested. What little he has.. was donated to him, his family and his National Action organization.

Villager said...

Kenny - I understand the arguments in favor of Rev. Sharpton. He was a legit candidate for president ... one of only a handful of African Americans that can make that claim.

I just saw him do some things related to the Dunbar Village rapists and the Jena 6 march that gave me pause.

As I said, I'm glad for whatever attention he can focus on improving our education system in America.