May 6, 2009

Tenaha Texas 'Driving While Black' Story Goes Mainstream

Villagers learned what it meant to be 'Driving While Black ... Tenaha Texas Style' back in March 2009. I'm glad to see that the story made it to the mainstream media this week. Here is report from Anderson Cooper that played on CNN.

This is little more than domestic terrorism. Three million dollars going to the chamber of commerce, popcorn machines, local churches and dirty cops, taken illegally from drivers, mostly Black, who were threatened with arrest, child confiscation and more.

Only in America!


Siditty said...

Saddened, but not surprised. This town is about 16 miles from the town my mother grew up in. Small towns like this are very common in the East Texas Piney Woods.

Villager said...

Siditty - I take it that you've never gotten a ticket or other moving violation from the Tenaha po-po. I probably woulnd't last long in a small town...