May 18, 2009

Jamaal Valentine, 27-Year Old Blackman, Killed by Police Taser Torture in Houston Area

The police found 27-year old Jamaal Valentine rolling in a ditch down near Houston TX. Instead of getting him medical help the police escalated the situation to the point that a taser was pulled and used. Another Blackman dead at the hands of police taser torture. Mr. Valentine is the 19th person killed by taser in the first 20 weeks of the year. Is this another case of extra-judicial electrocution?

When will the police accept that the taser is a lethal weapon?


MacDaddy said...

Villager, Where is the outrage?

Does a series of white males have to die from being tased before the government decides to hold hearings and work with law enforcement to develop new polices against this too-often used lethal weapon?

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I have suggested that driving at the lowest lawful speeds in and around Houston, including the road leading to Bush International Airport and the roads leading to the malls, would have the effect of forcing businesses to compel elected officials to lean on police to stop the electrocutions.

Although my idea has not been tested, NO ONE has a better idea.

When we boycotted the buses and walked to work, they desegregated the buses. When we sat in at lunch counters, they desegregated the lunch counters.

What makes ANYONE think that stopping electric torture and electrocutions is going to be any easier?

If you're not willing to at least threaten to punch the schoolyard bully in the face, then get used to being bullied, because getting bullied will be your past, your present, and your future.

I once went to a march in Washington for immigrants' rights, and I walk up and down looking for a group to march with where I felt at home. When I found those from the Dominican Republican chanting, "El yanqui quiere fuego? Fuego! Fuego! Fuego!", then I knew I had found the right group.

They were chanting, "The yankees want fire? Fire! Fire! Fire!"

When the traffic stops in Houston, the electrocution deaths will stop as well.

Villager said...

MacDaddy - I've noticed that the typical modus operandi is to demonize the dead victim. The police insinuate drugs or violence straight from the gate. In this case, they say that the guy "bit" one of the officers. Since when do multiple cops need a taser to subdue someone?

Francis - It is great to see your village voice again! I hope you have reason to visit and comment often. As for the specific idea of civil protest by low-speeding ... the key is to get O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D. That was the secret to success of boycotts. People were organized by SCLC or Montgomery Association or some other such organizing faction. How can we organize drivers of private vehicles?