May 29, 2009

Let Troy Davis Speak

NAACP President Ben Jealous just sent out the following message:

Dear Wayne,

A few hours ago, I met with Troy Davis on death row.

As you know, he is facing the death penalty in Georgia for killing a police officer -- but since his trial, seven out of nine witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony. And with no physical evidence to link him to the crime, it is likely he is innocent.

Besides the fact that Troy is facing execution for a crime that he may not have committed, he also told me that he is being denied the right to speak out on his own behalf despite the fact that others in his position are allowed to do so.

Please contact Commissioner Brian Owens of the Georgia Department of Corrections to demand that he remove the gag order on Troy Davis.

In my meeting with Troy, I discovered that 60 Minutes, Dateline, and the Associated Press have all been denied media access to Troy. When Georgia won't let the media talk to the accused man, it is a flagrant abuse of his First Amendment rights.

In fact, the case of Troy Davis highlights how broken our criminal justice system is... and why we must reform it. Today, more than 60% of the people in prison are people of color. African Americans make up more than 40% of those on death row. This summer, the NAACP will launch a campaign to reform our country's criminal justice system with the goal of making our communities safer, improving police performance, saving money, and keeping more of our young men and women out of prison. But Troy can't wait for this summer.
We need your help now.

An innocent man may be executed. You and I must work together to reform our country's criminal justice system, and we must start by saving the life of one man.
Please contact Commissioner Brian Owens of the Georgia Department of Corrections today and demand he give Troy the right to speak.

Benjamin Todd Jealous
President and CEO

I've sent my online petition. I also shared the information with my Twitter followers. Will you join us in this effort to change the policy enacted by the Georgia Department of Corrections?


SjP said...

I have been wondering why there appears to be a deafening silence in the media regarding Troy's case. Even with the May 19th global campaign - there was little to nothing in MSM about this case. Now I understand why.

What does the state of Georgia have to loose if the media speaks to Troy. He's still on death row. Still a condemned man. This is truly obscene.Just what is it that they are afraid of?

It is almost as if there is some type of cover-up going on. I just do not understand.


I'm on it!


RiPPa said...

Well no wonder!

The only media outlet that has stayed on this that I know of is "Democracy Now" on LinkTV.

But hey, that's why I support independent media outlets like LinkTV.

Please believe that I'm on this one.

Lets keep the fight alive.

Villager said...

Sojourner - I must admit that I enjoy seeing a more relevant NAACP in 2009 than I recall existing over the past 10-15 years.

RiPPa - I need to check out Link TV. Thanx for the tip.

MacDaddy said...

I'm down with it, Villager. I'm considering copying Jealous on my blog and asking people to check your blog to stay updated. What do you think?

Villager said...

MacDaddy - I would be honored by any link-love to our Troy Davis coverage...

Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

Done! Signed the online petition and will continue to pass the word. While I have been following the case and signed petitions and added my voice to the cry for justice, I was not aware that he was not being allowed to speak to the media. Thank you for sharing the information and calling us to greater action.

Changeseeker said...

This is incredible. I'm in the NAACP loop. I wonder why I didn't get this. This story really needs to be out there. They're afraid to let the man speak in the mass media and they're right to be afraid because it's going to make them look like exactly what they are: rabid would-be murderers of an innocent man. Shame on them! I'm linking to this.

Villager said...

Karen and Changeseeker - Asante sana for your continued support!